Ascent Of Apophis announce new EP titled “Apotheosis”, and reveals artwork!

Digging their way from the abyss and clawing into your ears! We bring you,  Ascent Of Apophis.  This Technical Death-core outfit are ready to reign torment on the world with their newly announced EP titled Apotheosis. The official release date has not been announced yet the group however is hoping for a release within the next month or two. Their new album will be released under Imminence Records.  They’ve recently uncovered their artwork, which was designed by Caelan Stokkermans Music & Design dap Pretty bad-ass, right? Their vocalist, who may I mention also did the artwork, explained to me exactly the meaning behind Apotheosis 

The meaning behind our new Ep “Apotheosis.” Apotheosis means the becoming of an object or entity into the divine. The concept of the album is how mankind is moving away from religion as the way to explain how the physical world works and embracing science as the new algorithm to solving the mysterious of this universe. The album cover is a depiction of an advanced race of mankind that has evolved to become gods. This evolved race has the ability to create and manipulate the very fabric of space/time dimensions of this universe into our own “perfected” universe. The album will also go into the concept of mankind transcending the physical form to become omniscient and one with the universe through technology. Technology and the internet allows us to already transcend the physical form and connect with people and share ideas across continents as well as time/space. Eventually technology will become so advanced (also known as a singularity) as to allow us to leave our physical forms and become one with the universal constant. The base idea of the album is transcending to an elevated state of being and freeing one’s mind from the constraints of this dimension. 

Ascent Of Apophis have released two singles The Antikythera Mechanism, and An’vakasht prior with Religious Genocide Records. The singles can be found on the bands YouTube channel and Bandcamp below

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