Aurin Raise Suicide Awareness with Powerful New Video for “Brother”

Suicide awareness: A subject that has been everywhere lately but yet doesn’t have near the impact it should. The stigma surrounding the topic of suicide and those who, unfortunately, are plagued by suicidal thoughts/tendencies is one that we must break. There are many foundations, bands and companies out there who are fighting to help bring awareness and make it more comfortable to speak about what leads to these situations, including To Write Love On Her Arms, Know Hope and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Unless you’ve been traumatized by someone who has committed suicide or been someone who has pushed yourself to the brink, though, it’s hard to understand from an outsider’s point of view. Everyone gets sad, depressed and feels like they can’t go on at times… but no one truly knows what causes someone to pull the proverbial trigger. Aurin‘s video for their latest single, “Brother,” is a powerful look into what it’s like to struggle with these thoughts. Each individual in the video, including lead actor Tim “No 37” Martinez (Fuse’s Uranium, HATE the HATE) have experienced the feelings that come with someone close to them committing suicide. The concept for the video stems from the loss of guitarist, Andrew Wayne’s, brother and his feelings of guilt that he couldn’t prevent it from happening. You will see many examples of his brother’s art, which Martinez flips through and a shadowy figure which is representative of an individual who seeks to save him in the end. The video was filmed at an undisclosed location in New York and even the band’s performance shots are incredibly emotional. Vocalist Sarah Anderson cries out the words “are you out there? Somewhere out there? You are gone but still live here. So I’ll wait here, just one more year… cuz in my dreams I still see you!” Oftentimes, when we’ve lost someone close to us, we still have dreams that include that individual. We still revisit memories and laugh, cry and scream to help us cope with what has happened. We often question our existence and that’s a big part of what this video is instrumental in showing the audience. Aurin delivers a truly powerful, moving experience that is executed brilliantly in both Martinez’s acting and the delivery of their performance shots.

“Brother” is one of seven tracks to be included on the band’s upcoming, crowd-funded LP, Serotonin, out independently on September 13th. In addition, you can view the album’s lead single, as well as view the artwork and track list below. If you’re in the Jersey area, September 14th the band will hold their CD release show at Debonair Music Hall in  Teaneck, NJ. Check out the event page for all of the details and to get your tickets.

Track List:
1. Pause. Rewind. Repeat
2. Hate You
3. Serotonin
4. Brother
5. The Stranger
6. Sick
7. Brother (Acoustic)