Bakasura release their crashing new EP “Beckoning of Annihilation”

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s latest heavy hitter Bakasura is one of the latest bands that hails from the city of metal giants. Pittsburgh is known to home some of metal’s most prominent acts, and has gained a reputation for just that. The latest band to come out of the city is Bakasura. This blackened deathcore has recently unleashed their debut EP “Beckoning of Annihilation”, and the EP packs one hell of a punch. The EP is six tracks long, with a runtime of about 30 minutes. Bakasura produces a heart racing pace with an ominous symphonic atmosphere that I’ve personally came to really enjoy about the band, and this EP. The band does a great job with their transitions and pacing throughout the EP. Bakasura has structured the EP pretty well overall in terms of songwriting, structure, lyrics, and the production of the record. One of my favorite tracks off the record has to be Paleblood. That ominous intro is fantastic. Bakasura leans to the technical side of deathcore as well, which I wasn’t expecting upon first listen. Bakasura shows great promise with their music. We’re excited to hear more in the future!