ChuggaBoom to Join the Christmas Hype with New Single

Chuggalos! The greatest, masked metalcore band on the planet is back with a vengeance and, this time, they’re in the Holiday spirit. Check out the details on the upcoming release of their new single, “Merry Chuggmas” in the press release below. Get amped, get jacked and get some CHUG in your life! 


It’s that time of year again and you know what that means.

The airwaves are backed up with more crap than day-three festival toilets – there’s the X-Factor winner’s song, the obligatory Bublé Christmas cover and even comedians-come-quizmasters (come-singers?!) Alexander Armstrong & Bradley Walsh throwing their hats into the ring

Thankfully, ChuggaBoom are diving in for a slice of that Christmas Pie.

Going on sale on 16th of December, in a vein attempt to shock the charts and become Christmas number 1 (their words, not ours), ChuggaBoom’s debut Christmas single “Merry Chuggmas” will be going on sale as an iTunes exclusive.

Leicester won the Premier League. Britain voted to leave the EU. Donald Trump is President Elect of The United States of America. I’m not prepared to write anything off this year.

You can purchase “Merry Chuggmas” on iTunes.

2017 had best have it’s shit together.

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