Concert Review: Alter Bridge and Nonpoint “The Last Hero” Tour

Alter Bridge’s “The Last Hero” tour landed on Feb. 18th in Tempe, AZ. At the Marquee Theatre and everything that could possibly go right, did. Bringing with them to open on this tour was Nonpoint and together both bands took the control and created a galactic thaumaturgy of sound that slashed its way into the hearts of all the fans.

Between the founding member’s towns of Florida, Chicago, Battlecreek and Cleveland there isn’t much musically that Nonpoint can’t bring. Their diversity in sound makes them an excellent fit no matter where they perform. Elias Soriano (Vocals), Robb Rivera (Drums), Rasheed Thomas (Guitar / Vocals), Adam Woloszyn (Bass), BC Kochmit (Lead Guitar / Vocals) lit the stage and their presence always captivates and rallies the masses.

Nonpoint opened their set with the driving force only lead guitarist BC can drive with, “Pins and Needles” and the venue was ripped and shredded open. By the time Nonpoint hit their track, “Hands Off” from their Vengeance album the sea of rock/metal street melodic extravaganza owned the building and we weren’t even into their set a quarter of the way.

In between songs every so often Elias would engage the audience, thank them for coming and ask the crowd if they were ready to rock with Alter Bridge. With each fist pump, hair dread flip, growl, howling guitar, and rhythmic beat.. Nonpoint lead the way.

Elias Soriano brought the house up over and over again and the crowd drew together and sang along with him as Nonpoint did their cover of Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight.” Shutting it down as the band always renders a manifesto of hellacious power, “Alive and Kicking” and “Bullet with a Name” finalized their set. The crowd roared for more, as Nonpoint’s fans understand their need for Nonpoint’s music.

It could be heard in the crowd as they chanted for more, that they were hoping Nonpoint would be back Arizona way very soon again. Nonpoint creates music that is meant to stick to your ribs. It is meaty, connective, and long-lasting.

After a brief set change and sound check the audience settled themselves back into place as the lights dimmed, the fans cheered and chanted “Alter Bridge, Alter Bridge!” As the masters of melodic metal hit the stage it was as if the crowd called each band member: Myles Kennedy (vocals, guitar), Mark Tremonti (guitar, vocals), Brian Marshall (bass), and Scott Philips (drums)- home. This was an Alter Bridge space of metal execution and their playlist was built upon their five studio album’s.

The music supremacy began its attack munificently and wantonly with “The Writing on the Wall.” Alter Bridge continues to fortify their sound and relay that this is their place where they belong. Cranking up the volume and salaciously delivering their message with tracks such as “Ghost of Days Gone By, “Open Your Eyes,” “Blackbird,” and two acoustics: “Wonderful Life,” and “Watch Over You.”

Everything melded together held the audience’s breath and leaned towards a marked space in time where everything became one.

Alter Bridge’s talents and uniqueness in building each one up in their own trade higher and higher is a noteworthy achievement. Brian Marshall and Scott Philips are two of the most celebrated hard hitting rhythm sections on the road today.

Guitarists and vocalist, Myles Kennedy, trained in jazz theory and has worked as a lead vocalist with Guns n Roses, along with Mark Tremonti who has been voted Guitar Player of the Year three times and is ranked in the top five all-time superlative metal guitarists.

This combination of continued consistency in honing their craft, maintaining their own artistic control, and their sincerity of reaching out to their fans has created a monumental formula that works and keeps on giving.

A two hour set of Nonpoint and Alter Bridge was just what the day ordered. The level of energy each band brings to their audiences is duly noted. An evening for melodic metal, high energy rock, some blues rock, fantastic interactions between the band members and their captivated audience along with crowd participation in sing-along and an evening that ended with Alter Bridge’s two encore tunes, “Show Me A Leader,” and “Rise Today” both leading us into battle, and to keep up the good fight that together we can be the change this world needs.

Nonpoint will be on tour in the states through July 2017. Follow for updates.

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Alter Bridge will be on tour throughout the states and then Australia, Europe through June 2017. Follow for updates.

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