Concert Review – Memphis May Fire, He Is Legend and Savage After Midnight w/Live Show Interview


Date: March 8th, 2019

Venue: House Of Rock, Corpus Christi, TX

Tour: Memphis May Fire, He Is Legend, Savage After Midnight


I showed up at House Of Rock for my final show of my journey here in Corpus Christi, I couldn’t have been happier to know I was seeing my friends in Savage After Midnight. I first met the band while covering Shinedown and Starset awhile back, They had just gotten signed to Sony. We got to talking and realized we knew some of the same people and we hit it off. They were very open to my musical outlook and opinions. But, for now, here is the rundown of my last steps in House of Rock and the tour trek that Memphis May Fire and He Is Legend aimed at the southern markets.

The venue had a very nice crowd and there was definitely some Savage After Midnight merch being worn, noting that their fanbase had grown quite substantially for their 2nd time back in Corpus. I spoke and caught up with Brent, their merch guy, he spoke on many of his upcoming ventures. Best of luck to you Brent! The guys started their load-in as the crowd waits in anticipation. This was also the band’s EP release date as well and they put it down on stage!

Their performance of, “King” was definitely a crowd pleaser with leadman Shi’s getting heavily into his performance with a roaring intensity you just don’t see coming. JT lending back up vocals bringing the performance together with a heavy end note and the crowd jumping and screaming in satisfaction as the track fades out.

Overrated” and “Heartless Machine” hit the crowd with a melodic side of Savage After Midnight while still having an excellent combo of heavy intensity at the same time in a way that is quite fascinating. “Heartless Machine” is their newest released single so give it a listen below:

10 Feet Tall” was an explosive track when it hit the masses, and the stage edition was right on point. The performance was fitting to the track as their delivery felt very much like they were ‘towering’ over the audience with their fierce delivery of the track. Zack Pate wasn’t able to join this tour but his stand in Eric was still great! We will see you next time Zack!

Overall, Savage After Midnight were just what their name entails: Savage. The band’s stage presence was well received and witnessing up close how they’ve grown since their first time was priceless. I highly recommend this band. They are going places. You can listen to our after show interview here on our podcast, [New Transcendence Radio], on a special extended play episode [Twenty-Three]:



Savage After Midnight On Social Media


He Is Legend

I wasn’t familiar with He Is Legend, but they were a good addition to this as they added a certain old-time rock sound in a shaman-like melodic delivery. The website bio says:

“They amplified every element of their signature style. Summoning ghosts of White Zombie, Soundgarden, and Nirvana, the riffs hit harder, the lyrics cut deeper, and the rhythms stick longer.

Website Bio – He Is Legend

I found myself feeling they may have I influences of some of the edgiest melodic artists of yesteryear. This would be a great band to see again!

Official Lyric Video for, “White Bat”

He Is Legend On Social Media

Memphis May Fire

Now, time for the headliner, and as the crowd inched closer to the stage I could tell I would be in a tight spot for photos, but overall, they came out just right, don’t you think?

Memphis May Fire really lit the stage up with smoke and intensity, leadman Matty noticing they must be getting must getting ‘hella’ radio play after playing, “The Old Me” as the crowd erupted in excitement. Their set was awesome, Matt Mullins and band were on point, hitting every music note, chord, and drum solo just right. It made me know my last night in Corpus at House Of Rock, could say it was just perfect. Overall, the show as a whole had multiple different musical elements highlighted by amazing bands that are phenomenal at what they do. I recommend every band mentioned here.

Memphis May Fire On Social Media