Craven Idol: London-Born Blackened Thrashers To Release Debut On Dark Descent Records

The black/thrash bastards in CRAVEN IDOL, who signed with Dark Descent Records earlier this year, are set to release their full-length debut, Towards Eschaton, on digital, CD and vinyl formats this fall.

For the debut, CRAVEN IDOL have completed eight new offerings of ripping black metal, channeled with a vitriol akin to Nifelheim and Absu, with further allegiances to the dark arts of Inquisition and Samael. Musically the release is an assault on those who neglect the potent legacy of the 1980s, while thematically it attacks all proponents of unfounded spiritual dogma.

Album track “To Summon Mayrion” is currently streaming at this location.

To Summon Mayrion
Sworn Upon the Styx
Golgotha Wounds
Craven Atonement
Codex of Seven Dooms
Aura of Undeath
Left to Die

Spawned in the pits of London, Craven Idol creates ritual offerings in the earliest traditions of black and thrash metal. In 2006 a self-released demo tape materialized, and its original fifty incarnations were quickly devoured. Starlight Temple Society then fanned this early flame with a tape re-release. 2010 saw the release of the ‘Ethereal Altars’ EP on MCD and vinyl via Vengeful Attakk / Hammer of Hate. In early 2013 Craven Idol signed with Dark Descent Records for the release of their debut album, on CD and vinyl. The oath endures…