Alright, so here is a review to start the year for you guys! This comes from the band Dark Rites, and this is for their full-length album, titled: Welcome To Eternity. This consists of 12 tracks. For those of you who don’t know anything about this band, allow me to fill you in. Dark Rites consists of Wojtek Widuch on Guitars and Bass. Randy Kaciak on Drums. Lastly, Oskar Åsfjäll on Vocals. Altogether, you get this nice nifty metal group. They wanted to have a review so let’s jump right into it.
Dark Rites new album is very intriguing. For sure, it is a good listen, but in this review, we have to look at all aspects. To start off, let’s point out the pros. We have the vocals, guitar/bass, and drums going together quite smoothly in most tracks. The production definitely shows itself as the sound of each track is very crisp. There are not too many things really other than that though to look at. Now for the negative. In the same sense of things, I feel like there was a lot of vocal patterns that could have been used. Right now, we just get what is at times, on some tracks, a copy-paste pattern. For some tracks, that can work, and it did to a degree, but, on some, it just didn’t. Honest truth. Similar idea for the guitars. No matter what genre you are in, you want to maintain some factors that defer from other parts of a track. With Welcome to Eternity, it doesn’t seem like that idea was really kept well in some tracks, as the same riffs and such rinse and repeat for a good while and you may get an occasional change in what’s going on. Remember, I did say that this was for some tracks, not all of them. Other times, the nail is hit right on the head, and it this case it was more times that it was than wasn’t.
So, if you are looking for a sweet metal album to play into those ears of yours, I would recommend this bad boy. In all seriousness, this is a pretty good record. You can tell a lot of time and effort went into this, and it shows. The critiques mentioned should also not be something that is hindering, but is more or less a look at seeing what could have been tweaked. No big deal. Overall, this album earned a good review in my book. Better news, it’s already out, so grab yourself a copy, or stream it. Have a good new year, everyone!

Score: 7/10