Dead Original Single/Video “Let It Burn”

Chicago, IL. – A breed of hard rock that carries a heavy, stripped-down sound is what DEAD ORIGINALcontinues to produce. “Let It Burn” is their next single from their EP Bought and Sold (due out in January of 2021). Following their single releases of “Restrained”, “Bought and Sold”, and now “Let It Burn”, Dead Original continues to produce their sound working with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves, and their “D.O. Fans” are digging it.
Front-man Paul Wandtke (ex-Trivium, ex- Rock of Ages), drummer Sean McCole, and bassist Mike Petrasik (Bedlem) signal that the feel of their rock maintains “less is more.” Their approach delivers a true impression of the realm of rock.
Catch Dead Original at one of their live shows (see below) and enjoy the mood of Dead Original’s music.

‘”Let it Burn” is a little bit different from our whole album as it’s a slower paced groove track with a big vibe and with lyrics centered around embracing one’s problems and misfortunes. We think people that dig rock will like this song.”‘- Paul Wandtke of Dead Original
“Let it Burn” written and produced by Dead Original copyright 2020 Video by Syfts Productions, LLC

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Track List:1. Move2. Hard to See3. Bored Again4. Restrained5. Bought and Sold6. Blasted7. Let it Burn8. My Friends9. Beached10. Fade to Light11. Searching12. Die Alone13. Circles [intro]14. Circles