Event Review – An Afternoon Of Acoustics With Justin Furstenfeld Of Blue October presented by Corpus Christi’s Alternative 106.5 The Shark

Venue: The Exchange, Corpus Christi, TX


Station: 106.5 The Shark

Date: Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Artist: Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October



I was excited about this event partly because it was semi private and partly because it was my first time at The Exchange which is a well known popular spot in Corpus Christi. I got my will call done and confirmed and while I waited I had a couple drinks and mingled with everyone.  We were led into the patio after soundcheck and I was lucky to get front row.

The acoustic session also had question and answer sections between songs. Multiple people in the crowd shared how Justin’s music had either changed their life in an instant or helped them out of a rough spot in their lives. It was amazing to see how Blue October has helped quite a few people ranging from spouse seperations to depression, only for it to work out for them by being empowered by Blue October’s emotional delivery in their music. He was joined by Logan of 106.5 and in a hilarious banter between him and Justin of which they bonded while being at the station earlier that morning.

Justin and Logan after a “Cheers” of celery sticks

Justin decided to play “I Want To Come Back Home” after a lady in the crowd relayed how it helped her in the situation she was having trouble with while noting that probably wasnt what Justin’s was going for when writing the song but it was how his song helped her. To which Justin replied, “That’s exactly what I was going for” to which he gave a lovingly joking smirk and began playing.

“I Want To Come Back Home”

His vocal range and delivery in the song, “King” on the album was extraordinary but once again, I have to say, the live performance was out of this world. The way his vocal range can effortlessly switch is astounding.


Justin asked the crowd if we wanted to hear, “Into The Ocean” or “Hate Me” and everyone unanimously choose, “Into The Ocean” which was so amazingly awesome to see live which is the case with all the songs he chose to perform.

Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October performing, ” Into The Ocean”

As a huge fan of Blue October, I definitely belted out INTO THE OCEAN! Now…maybe I can learn to swim like fourteen miles away…

Into The Ocean

Justin also decided to play the title track off the new album, “I Hope You Are Happy” which he says,

It’s for all those people you haven’t seen, even those people you aren’t necessarily fond of, just still wish them happy, cause life is too short

I Hope You Are Happy

When the acoustic set was over we were directed to line up and receive an autographed poster, but no photos. I got up the the table and reminded him we had spoken a few months back and instantly he remembered and said, “Hey! Bro! Look, hang off to the side to get a photo with me” so as I was waiting I had a conversation with his manager of Brando Records, Paul Nugent. He is a very laid back awesome guy to speak with. So I find my way back to Justin and he takes my phone and snaps this photo!

This experience was awesome, I enjoyed being able to sit in and be part of this event, Special thanks goes to Logan of 106.5 The Shark, The Exchange, Justin Furstenfeld and Corpus Christi for being a host to so many amazing artists. My move here was most certainly not in vain.

Overall, Justin Furstenfeld is an acoustic and musical genius, like he says,

My mind is dark, you don’t want to get in there but it is a place I can tap into, if I need to.”

It seems like wherever he goes every interaction with him seems like I’ve known him forever and when he belts his vocals you can hear his pain, triumph and encouragement and I was joined by 50+ people that would agree in that opinion.


Official Video for, “I Hope You Are Happy

Official Lyric Video for, “Your Love Is Like A Car Crash

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