REVIEW: For A Better Kind – “Cold Hard Truth”


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For A Better Kind is not new. Well, not entirely new. They released they their debut 5-track effort “Harsh Times” on September 1st, 2010. That album was a demo album filled with 5 tracks that would be re-recorded and released on their latest outing “Cold Hard Truth.” I’m already in love with this album. “Cold Hard Truth” is an amazing hardcore album from the unsigned San Mateo, CA natives. Kicking off this album is The World Is Not Enough. From the get go, the spoken lyrics and heavy sounding instruments hit you hard in the ears. Lead vocalist Mike McCormick has a somewhat distinctive growl form of singing that really inputs the emotions this album feeds from. Themes of solidarity and opening your eyes to see the truth fuel this track and the album as a whole. Moving into the next track, In This Moment, it hits even harder with instant double bass drum beats. Timelines has a solo guitar kick it off, and leads right into a scream that pierces your ears with power. When he screams, you hear the emotions, but his spoken lyrics are just filled with an emotional tug that empowers you to just rock out. It’s also the longest track, clocking in at 4:11. Harsh Times is the shortest track clocking in at 1:23, but it lacks none of the brutality from FBAK that every other track possesses. I could go on and on with each track but to truly appreciate the amazingness of FBAK and their latest album, you have to buy it. With a distinct heavy sound, emotional vocals, and a thirst for freedom, “Cold Hard Truth” is exactly what any metalcore band would want an album to be: Hard-hitting, fast-paced brutality that needs to be heard to be understood.

Standout tracks: The World Is Not Enough, Timeline, Harsh Times, As Treal As It Gets, Soul Cancer

Overall rating: 4.5/5

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