Exclusive Interview: Patrick Thompson of Versus Me Talks EXP, His Love for Fight Club, Writing for New Album and Much More!

PC: Elizabeth Wadium, E. Wadium Productions
Pictured L to R: Lee Milbrandt, Clint Greendeer (ex-guitarist), James Milbrandt, Patrick Thompson

BearlySinister: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this. Can you introduce yourself and your role in Versus Me, please?

Patrick: Hi my name is Patrick Thompson, and I sing, and play guitar in Versus Me

BearlySinister: You recently released your new single, “EXP” through Ghost Killer Entertainment, as well as New Transcendence. What can you tell us about that single and who came up with that SICK 3-D lyric video?

Patrick: Exp is our first stand alone single, but it won’t be our last. The songs lyrics are very straight forward. What can I say, I watched fight club one too many times, Haha. ” You are not your job, you’re not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You are not your fucking khakis. You are all singing, all dancing crap of the world.”

BearlySinister: Back in December, you wrapped up a tour with Famous Last Words and The Funeral Portrait. How was that experience and what was your favorite part about that tour?

Patrick: Playing the shows, I love being on stage. It’s always my favorite part, even when I have a bad show.

BearlySinister: Last month, you toured the West Coast/Midwest with your other band, Alesana, in support of the 10th anniversary of their debut album, On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax. What was the experience like playing that album, in its entirety, from cover to cover and how was the nostalgia factor for you each night?

Patrick: It was like second nature. It’s a pretty sweet feeling when you can perform an entire album as easily as walking or talking.

BearlySinister: What is the origin story of Versus Me and who currently resides in the band?

Patrick: Currently it’s James Milbrandt, Lee Milbrandt, and myself. Our story is of thee musicians looking to make it in this crazy industry. We just wanna play our songs and make our music.

BearlySinister: I’m sure, in addition to “EXP,” Versus Me has been writing or maybe even been in the studio a bit. How’s that going?

Patrick: We have been doing both, Haha. One thing that Versus Me does is spend our down time creatively, and productively. We are close to half way through the second album, you can expect a few more non album singles in the meantime.

BearlySinister: “EXP” had a lot of different elements to it that made it stand out and, in many ways, even showed a new side of the band’s overall sound. Where did the musical inspiration for that song come from and will this new sound be further incorporated into future VM jams?

Patrick: Yes, this new sound will be very much if not dominantly incorporated. I can’t speak for any thing specifically influencing the song sonically. When writing we aim for a sound what pleases us the most. Also working with Josh Napert helped mold the sound to support the vocals, and lyrics. The lyrics where inspired by the tyranny of commercials (insert fight club quote again). For me, my achievements bring me more satisfaction than anything I’ve ever owned.

BearlySinister: When I saw you guys in December, you mentioned that you had some tour plans in the works. Is there anything you can divulge at this point or, is everything still pretty much under wraps?

Patrick: ATM we are focused on the new material, and preparing for our live 2017 debut. No tours are currently planned.

BearlySinister: Prior to your involvement with Versus Me, few people knew that you could sing. Did you purposely keep it that way and are you self-taught or did you have lessons? I have to say, on a live front, you’re one of my favorite clean vocalists!

Patrick: Thank you very much : ). I am self taught. Yes, I did keep that on the hush hush. Too many people are all talk. I prefer to surprise people by simply doing it.

BearlySinister: Where do you draw influence for your lyrics and how do you ensure that they project well on stage?

Patrick: I cannot ensure that they will project well, but my vocal standards are very high. I spend a great deal of time creating them, and at least I’m happy with them : )

BearlySinister: One of your most popular and well-received songs is “(A)Tension” which features Escape the Fate/Dead Rabbitts frontman Craig Mabbitt. How did you end up getting Craig to feature on the track?

Patrick: I was tour managing the band glamour of the kill out on tour with escape the fate in 2013. I played him partyblood and asked him. He said yes right away.

BearlySinister: You released a 3D music video for your song “Just So You Know,” which has a lot of hilarious elements to it. Was it tough to figure out just how to place everything so that it kept things interesting, no matter which direction you looked?

Patrick: It was actually pretty easy. We are goofy people. Our one and only video meeting took maybe 15min, Haha.

BearlySinister: For a guitarist, I feel that the gear used is just as important as the talent that someone possesses. For the gear heads out there, take us through your rig for both live shows and studio sessions.

Patrick: I have my guitars, my tuner, noise suppressor, and guitar wireless. My amps and cabs are actually owned by each band, and in all foreign countries. I use a rented Backline. Alesana’s is a peavey 6505+ with a Mesa 4X12 cab, and in Versus Me I use a peavey JSX, with and orange 2X12 cab.

BearlySinister: What is your favorite Versus Me tune you’ve ever written and, if you would like, what is one that you’re writing that you’re really excited for people to hear?

Patrick: I love them all, the old tunes and the new, Haha. No favorites so far.

BearlySinister: What can we expect from the VM camp for 2017? Obviously, touring is a big must but can we expect more music? Perhaps a full album by the end of the year? Give us a little sneak peek into all the exciting things you’ve got going on.

Patrick: I can’t speak for tours just yet, but more new singles, and an album will be available this year 2017.

BearlySinister: You’re used to writing conceptual albums with Alesana. Is it more of a challenge to write a traditional album or does it come effortlessly?

Patrick: Writing is a challenge in general, but it’s fun to push yourself & and reach deeply within.

BearlySinister: Pranks are an integral part of the touring lifestyle as they keep things interesting, they keep the mood light and they’re fun to participate in. What has been the best prank that you’ve played on a band or management on tour and, alternatively, what has been the worst played on you?

Patrick: Not that many actually, and I’d rather not mention the gross pranks. I hate that shit. My favorite end of tour prank was when the whole tour dressed as Alesana, and they played our encore for us, Haha.

BearlySinister: Throughout the history of music, there have been many incredible albums in all genres. Tell us 5 albums that changed your life and elaborate if you’d like.

Patrick: The albums that most changed my life where the ones my parents had as I was growing up. Queen, Billy Joel, Boston, Yes, and The Carpenters. Their full discographies Plus Disney, tons of Disney.

BearlySinister: Wikipedia can be a great source of information but it can also be filled with inaccuracies. Loudwire has the series “Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?” and this stems from watching quite a few of those. What is the strangest “fact” you’ve ever read about yourself?

Patrick: I never have.

BearlySinister: That’s about all I have for you today but I want to thank you for your time and look forward to getting this out for our readers. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we wrap this up?

Patrick: “I will have dinner with you, thanks for this and thank you”

“EXP” (Official Lyric Video)

“Just So You Know” (Official 360 Degree Music Video)

“An American Tale” (Acoustic Version)

“Partyblood” (Official Music Video)

“A(Tension) Featuring Craig Mabbitt” (Official Music Video)

Versus Me is:
James Milbrandt – Screams
Patrick Thompson – Guitar/Clean Vocals
Lee Milbrandt – Bass

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