Exclusive Review: NΛTIONS – NΛTIONS

Rating: 5/5

Track List:
1. “Dirty Fire” – 3:28
2. “Like Night & Day” – 2:57
3. “Fear of Falling” – 4:40
4. “Miss Runaway” – 2:59
5. “Chasing Lights” – 3:45

Do you like your music filled with well-placed electronics, soulful clean vocals and beastly screaming? Well, then you’ll likely be a fan of our friends in NΛTIONS because that’s just what they give in their music. Comprised of 5 very talented Las Vegas individuals, including 2 of which were in bands together previously, this band is out to prove that they’re not like the rest. Boasting a fun metalcore-esque sound with soulful R&B type clean vocals, they’re ready to take the world by storm. Their debut, self-titled EP NΛTIONS is everything a fan of this genre could help for. Beginning with their debut single “Dirty Fire,” they’ve expanded on a sound that bands like ISSUES have defined. This sound resonates throughout this 5-track masterpiece but each track is diverse from the last.

“Dirty Fire,” for instance is a track about the struggle of having suicidal thoughts. The main character in this track wants to take himself out, he’s struggling inside as he fights for what he should stay alive for. It’s a tale of good vs. evil, in essence. “The devil is a lie but he exists tonight and I’m trying not to freak out” is a take on how the devil is constantly trying to convince him to do it, meanwhile he’s trying not to give in but also deciding if he should go out alone or if he should take others with him. “If you’re not with me, you’re against me!” he decides, as he gets ready to take action. This track begins with a crazy electronic section and is overly heavy but not the heaviest track on the EP.

Ever felt like the whole world is against you? Be it your goals, your relationship or any other facet of life? “You don’t see me but you know that I’m not like you. I apologize, we’ll get through this alone.” Well, in a way, when vocalists Danny Losano and Chad Dague sing the lyrics to “Like Night & Day”… they’re tackling this subject. However, it seems to be more centered around a relationship with parents? I could be wrong but I’m feeling some strong sense of a broken father-son relationship in this track. “I’ve proven to be something more than you could ever be!” is my ultimate hint to that. Either way this track is really catchy but also has a strong emotional undertone to it… I believe it’s been left up to interpretation as most songs should be.

One of my favorite tracks, lyrically and musically, on the EP is “Fear of Falling.” It begins with a R&B like intro sung by clean vocalist Danny Losano, backed by a bass line from Dylan Lewis and finally building into the rest of the band. It’s a mid-tempo track that really catches your ear from first listen. It’s a track about the fear of falling in love, the damage that a relationship can cause on you and just hoping each time that that person will catch you. The riffs in this track are some of my favorite and Nik Johnson’s drumming sounds massive in this track, especially.

The beginning of “Miss Runaway” hits you with some eerie keys/electronics and builds into something you wouldn’t have expected. First, you’re met with Losano’s clean vocals but then it speeds up and becomes one of the heaviest tracks (if not THE heaviest track) on the EP! Of course, with a subject like the one that this track tackles, you can’t expect it to be a subtle track. The dual vocal dynamic in this track really sets it off and makes it one of my favorite tracks. If you couldn’t tell, this track is about a woman who uses men by luring them in with one-night stands and disappears in the morning with whatever she desired. Losano and Dague are crying out to her, telling her that it’s not right and that she can’t survive like that. They’ve given her the nickname “Miss Runaway” because of the fact that she only stays for a night and is gone the next morning. Who can, honestly, say they haven’t been in this position in this day and age? It’s almost an inevitability… but those women end up lonely in the end.

The final track, “Chasing Lights” hits you hard from the beginning with Dague’s powerful vocals as he screams “this is the part when you feel alone!” It’s a reminder of what happens when you push everyone who loves you or supports you away in search of fame & fortune. You might have lived life alone, you might have achieved that dream alone but without the ones who love you, it’s nothing. Every band has the desire to make it out of their garage/practice space and that’s fine but, without those who support you in the beginning, the end of that dream will arrive quickly. If it doesn’t, you’ll have an empty space because you pushed those people away. They may say there’s no room for love on the road but that is furthest from the truth because I’ve met a TON of bands who find time for relationships, their fans and their music in the midst of chasing that dream. Never take those you love for granted, you may never get a chance to make amends.

I’ve waited a long time to hear Nik Johnson and Mason Wright make music together again, as the last band I heard them together in was This Romantic Tragedy and it kind of fizzled out after awhile. With the addition of Chad Dague, Dylan Lewis and Danny Losano… they’ve found a band that really seems to blend mass amounts of talent between them, in just the right light. Spreading hope, a positive message and music that fans can relate to, it’s great to welcome NΛTIONS to the scene! Be sure to pick up their debut, self-titled EP when they make it available for mass purchase! You’ll be glad you did! If you’re in the area, catch their show at House of Blues in Mandalay Bay!

Favorite Tracks: “Dirty Fire,” “Fear of Falling” and “Miss Runaway”

“Dirty Fire” (Official Audio)

“Like Night & Day” (Official Audio)

Danny Losano – Clean Vocals
Chad Dague – Screams/Raps
Mason Wright – Guitar
Dylan Lewis – Bass
Nik Johnson – Drums