Exclusive Review: She Pulled the Trigger – 10,000 Worlds Away

Artist: She Pulled The Trigger
Album: 10,000 Worlds Away
Rating: 5/5

When you’re a new band, you want to find a way to stand out. Whether it be a unique image, a sound that transcends what the world has heard before or a live show that is unrivaled… you need to turn heads. ZELL frontman, Chris Zell knew this all too well when he decided to form a new band. While the initial line-up has changed, the values and intensity in their music has not. Now, nearly a year after I discovered them, PA’s She Pulled The Trigger, still remains one of my favorite up-and-comers! With an unbridled passion, a positive message and extreme talent, SPTT knows what it takes to make it in this cutthroat industry. On May 13th, the band will finally self-release their debut EP, 10,000 Worlds Away, to the masses. Let me start by saying this… there are many different interpretations that can be drawn from the title alone but it definitely rings true to the sound they create.  It’s refreshing, accessible and is worth every penny of the $5 you’ll spend on it (no matter the digital retailer you use.) Below, you’ll find an in-depth, track-by-track review of the EP which will give you an idea of what to expect.

We begin with an updated version of the band’s debut single, “Stand Up and Fight.” From the start, you can hear the differences in the mix between the publicly-released version and this one. For starters, the guitar tones are much clearer and crisp. Another difference you might notice is in the chorus, as a couple of lead guitarist/backing vocalist Patrick Kearney’s screaming parts are taken out. While they didn’t necessarily hinder the track or make it less appealing, you have to admit that this was a great decision on the band’s part, as it brings the track together nicely. New bassist Tyler Travis shines, as the bass in this mix isn’t muddy or faded out. Rather, it rings almost as clearly as the guitars do. Finally, drummer Nick Zell’s beats sound huge in this mix, giving them an almost arena-ready feel to them. “Stand Up and Fight” teaches us that we all have demons we must fight and that, no matter what, you’re not alone. The video for the original version of this track was released last year and can be viewed here, as well as below.

Chugging guitars and a short, upbeat riff lead us into “Higher,” the second track on the album. While the first few lyrics of the track may hint at a darker direction, it’s actually quite the opposite. This is a plea to anyone in a dark place, feeling like there’s no point in living. Don’t take that leap, reach out and get some help, get to a higher place.  Kearney impresses us with an awesome, 80s-esque solo before the bridge, which fades back into the chorus.

If you’ve been following the band, you’ll have likely heard “Dying to Shine” which serves as the mid-way point on the album. This track is about making your mark on this world, regardless of the struggles you may face. It’s about overcoming any opposition and standing tall on that mountain, even if it kills you. Never stop reaching for your dreams, always be willing to push your limits and you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised. No pun intended, this track really shines on the EP. You can watch the video for that track below.

“Living on the Edge” builds on the idea that the last track began with. The riffs in this one are what truly stick with me, outside of the lyrics. A unique riff surrounds the verses, the chorus and the bridge… not to mention that crazy solo before the final chorus! It teaches you that no one can hold you back but yourself. No matter what you face in life, if you want to succeed, you must overcome it. Always live on the edge, don’t live in regret and never find yourself wondering what could have been. Anything in life worth having, is going to be hard work to achieve… hit the ground running and never stop!

She Pulled The Trigger has always supported our brothers and sisters in the armed forces and “Battle Scars” pays homage to those who risk their lives for our freedom, each and every day. A clean, acoustic-electric sound brings us into a fiery riff before starting our story. As the lyrics tell, a kid had a dream to be a hero and to make his country proud, never showing fear in the face of adversity. For a long time, he didn’t go for his dreams, he wasted his life away in California living the lifestyle that most would kill to have. Something changed in him, he told his parents that he was going to war and that was that. When he returns, he holds his son and is overwhelmed by joy, but is haunted by PTSD. In the chorus, we’re reminded how dangerous this life is and he tells the story of how he watched his brothers in arms perish, becoming casualties of war. In essence, the title says it all but this is a glimpse into the life of a man who suffers the horrible affliction of PTSD. It shows how real things can get but also reminds you that they signed up for that life, so that civilians could sleep safe at night. Never take life, or your freedom, for granted and always be thankful to those who serve our country.

Rock is anything but dead, and SPTT continues to prove that to us. 10,000 Worlds Away sets the bar for Hard Rock with a clean, positive message to spread. While there are still a few weeks away from the release of this monumental EP, you’d be wise to go snag up your copy! They’re quickly stampeding their way into the history books and will be THE band to watch in 2016 and beyond, mark my words.

“Stand Up and Fight (Single Version, Official Music Video)”

“Dying to Shine (Official Music Video)”

“Higher” (Official Audio Stream)

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She Pulled The Trigger is:
Chris Zell – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Patrick Kearney – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Tyler Travis – Bass
Nick Zell – Drums