EXCLUSIVE Single Review: Traitors – “Malignant” [2014]


Artist: Traitors

Single: “Malignant”


What was once a sickness—a shock to the system of countries across the world—has since intensified. The sporadic, violent social upheaval given the moniker The Hate Campaign burst forth through America’s immune system like the flu. What should have been a transient, fleeting movement has instead become permanent; a throbbing, lethal tumor draining the world of kindness and warmth. All that is left coursing through the veins of a once-proud and benevolent people is hate. This is the extension of Traitors’ debut self-titled EP. This is “Malignant.”

To say “Malignant” is lethal alone doesn’t quite do it justice. Rather, “Malignant” is an aural onslaught so pure of visceral, remorseless anger and limitless hatred that it doesn’t just take the listener’s life, it siphons it, slowly over the course of nearly five minutes of brooding, down-tempo deathcore perfection. Every element of low, slow and thick instrumentation that grabbed the listener’s attention on Traitors’ debut release is amplified on “Malignant,” transgressing “bitter” and “aggressive” into downright “murderous.” Somehow, the fretwork of guitarists Alan de la Torre and Mikey Ingram seem even thicker and more dissonant, steamrolling the listener at a pace that makes snails seem speedy. Meanwhile, bassist Dave Moore and percussionist Stephen Arango unleash pure Hell on the listener, providing perfect tempo and atmosphere for Ingram and de la Torre’s furiously fretted attack. The icing on the cake is found in the sweet, sweet screams of Tyler Shelton, however. With a diversified vocal presence compared to his efforts on Traitors’ previous material, Shelton simply shines, hitting every range the listener could possibly want out of Florida’s lowest, slowest and most intense deathcore outfit.

From a painful, heaving hack to a throbbing, cancerous infection, The Hate Campaign has spread. Rather than a passing phase or a trendy take on a blossoming genre, Traitors prove they do what they love—and love what they do—with their follow-up single, “Malignant.” Oozing with virulent, visceral violence, this single is one that will infect the listener’s music player and mind for ages with no cure in sight.



For Fans Of: Bodysnatcher, Black Tongue, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, xKingx

By: Connor Welsh