Versus Me Looks to the Future with New Single “Not Going Back”

WI-based post-hardcore outfit, Versus Me, made some major waves with their risky cover of Tears For Fears‘ shout. Now, they’ve returned with the first taste of their forthcoming, sophomore full-length. The as-of-yet-untitled effort is a result of a fairly successful crowdfunding campaign through IndieGoGo and will be the first to feature their new line-up. The current line-up includes original members James Milbrandt (Vocals), Lee Milbrandt (Bass), Dustin Hansen (Guitar) and JJ Johnson (Drums). “Not Going Back” is a testament to what a machine this band can be and, the best part? You get a taste of everything that they’ve had to offer, so far, in one 3:45 track! You want a catchy, soaring and poppy chorus? You got it! Clever use of electronics? Check! Heavy, gritty guitar tones and mammoth drumming? They’ve got you covered! Moreover, this song teaches the importance of facing fears, owning up to mistakes and not living in the past. Too often we, as a society, find ourselves wrapped in the past. This, ultimately, causes a domino effect that can destroy lives. While it’s healthy to revisit memories, it’s more healthy to learn from your mistakes and live your life in the present. There is much more to come from these guys in 2019, so be sure to drop them a follow on their social media pages below and check out/pick up “Not Going Back” on your favorite digital service provider!

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