The Most Generic Pop Punk Song Ever Is Pretty Awesome


Jarrod Alonge, popular YouTuber who’s worked with the likes of Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn of Issues and Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, has made quite a name for himself. Now, going under the fake band name Sunrise Skater Kids, he has released the most generic and cheesiest pop punk song ever. Pop Punk Pizza Party has everything you could ever want in a pop punk song. From not being understood and wanting out of your town (Mom and dad just don’t understand/It’s my life/My time to take a stand/I’ll never see Baltimore again), to loving the summer with your friends (In the summer with my friends/Days like these should never end), to eating pizzas, wearing khakis, and putting stickers on your computer (My pizza in the back/Seven pairs of khaki shorts and stickers for my mac.), this is pop punk personified.

However, it’s damn catchy and quite honestly I love the song. It’s funny, it’s upbeat, and it’s certainly got a certain charm to it. Listen to it below and decide for yourself if this is truly the most generic pop punk song ever.