God of Nothing release their heavy hitting new song, new album this year.

East coast based deathcore band God of Nothing has always had a certain sludge to their music, something I welcome. The band made their debut in 2015 with their EP “Devoured By Death”. God of Nothing has cemented unique touch to their music compared to other bands, providing a downtempo sludge with momentum of traditional deathcore. God of Nothing is currently signed to Legend Recordings – where they released their 2019 full length album “Cruel By Nature”. God of Nothing has just unearthed their new heavy hitting song “Burn”, and they sure do bring the heat this time around. The band continues to thrive off their unique sound.  Burn is the first single taken from God of Nothing’s upcoming full length “Vicious Cycle” which doesn’t have a set release date just yet. God of Nothing turns up the heat with this latest release, and we’re excited for more!