Gorepig release their brutal new song “Mr. Pig”

Slamming deathcore band Gorepig first surfaced with their vicious debut song “Butcher Gang” and quickly gained traction within the deathcore community. Gorepig creates a pulverizing sound by putting emphasis on the bass, and creating depth to their music. Gorepig’s newest song “Mr. Pig” may be their best single yet – perfecting what the band has done in the first two releases. The vicious song comes completely with a gore-video based around slaughterhouses. The one thing that catches my eye with Gorepig is the monstrous vocal performance. The vocalist has a very versatile voice capable of hitting multiple ranges and tones. Gorepig also demostrates ground-shaking percussion accompanied with elegant, yet brutal guitar work. I can imagine if Gorepig keeps up the releases they’ll make a name for themselves.