In The A.M. Single -“Backseat” New Single From Coming EP ‘What Have I Become’

The EP What Have I Become comes from a dark time and place. When writing the EP, I was going through a tough time mentally. Struggling with depression and anxiety on a more elevated level than usual, these songs were written as a coping mechanism to let out some pent-up energy and emotions that I was dealing with. I really tried to give this music significant purpose from the listener’s perspective this time around and made it a goal to give people something to relate to beyond the surface level. I want to give people songs to help them deal with their trauma in an almost therapeutic way and assist them in getting through their most trying times, the same way bands like Three Days Grace and Matchbox Twenty did for me in my younger years. We all need to know that we are not alone sometimes.

In The A.M. is an American Rock band formed in Indianapolis, IN by lead singer and guitarist Alex Shimp. The band name was coined by Alex in 2018 to serve as an alias for releasing music under a name different than his own given first and last name. A.M. are Alex’s first and middle initial, which is where the name stemmed from. In 2020, Alex funded, wrote, and recorded the band’s EP What Have I Become mostly on his own and since has continued taking a more standalone approach to the writing of the band’s music and development. Being the main contributing factor to the band’s music, most guitar, bass, vocals, and other instrumentals are written and performed by Alex on studio recordings.