Interview: Vocalist Alexia Rodriguez of Eyes Set to Kill Sits Down to Discuss Their New Album “Masks” and Much More!

ESTK pic1 by Jeremy Saffer (72)

Recently I had the chance to conduct an email interview with the one and only Alexia Rodriguez about the new Eyes Set to Kill album, tour life and much more! Check it out below!

: I’m sitting here with the vocalist of Century Media band, Eyes Set to Kill, the one and only Alexia Rodriguez. First, I have to say, I’m a long time fan and I feel honored to have you doing this for us. Thank you! How are you doing?

Alexia: We are great really stoked about our new album and can’t wait for everyone to hear.

BS: Now, you signed to Century Media Records last year after the success of your latest album “White Lotus”, what has your experience been with the label thus far?

Alexia: So far being with Century Media has been a great experience. We got to work with Steve Evetts for the new album and they made that happen.

BS: You’re getting ready to release your first album through your new label, titled “Masks” on September 17th in the US & September 23rd in Europe, what was the inspiration behind that title?

Alexia: Before we started writing for this album we were unsigned and finding ourselves constantly told what labels think we should be. It felt like we were always wearing masks trying to give certain impressions so we would get signed. But once we got signed to Century Media that all stopped because they were a perfect match and shared our same vision for eyes set to kill. So in away this album represents us finally unveiling ourselves.

BS: On the subject of the album, what was the writing process like for “Masks”?

Alexia: The writing process of Masks was pretty simple and more fun this time around because I really got to focus more on the guitars more than ever.

BS: You released a demo quite awhile back entitled “True Colors”, is there a drastic difference between the demo version of the song and the final cut?

Alexia: The structure of true colors is different in the final cut. That song was our first song we wrote as a band where we knew exactly what we wanted to produce for new album. We wanted to be heavy but still really catchy and relatable through the lyrics

BS: What is your favorite track on “Masks” or what song are you most excited for fans to hear?

Alexia: My favorite track of the album is Killing In Your Name because of the guitars and the energy. Its also one of the first political songs I have written along with Lost and Forgotten.

BS: Who did you work with and where was this album recorded?

Alexia: We did preproduction and recorded with Steve Evetts in Garden Grove, California.

BS: ESTK has done quite a bit of extensive touring, what has been your favorite tour? Do you happen to remember playing in Southeast Texas several years ago?

Alexia: Yeah texas is one of our favorite places to play because we have a lot of fans there. My favorite tours have always been in Europe but also Indonesia. We’ve played Jakarta festivals there that were insane and even though the jet lag blows, its definitely worth it every-time we go to Indonesia.

BS: What would be a dream tour for ESTK, both as an audience and with ESTK on the bill?

Alexia: I think for us a dream tour would consist of Muse, Deftones, Glassjaw, and thrice cuz those are all of my favorite bands. Hopefully one day we can at least play a festival with all of those bands.

BS: This is a question I like to ask everyone I interview: We hear and see alot about bands who like to prank each other, as well as management on tour. Is ESTK active in this? If so, what has your best prank been and what has the worst that’s been pulled on you?

Alexia: We are usually the ones who get pranked. There was one band that put vodka in our water bottles on stage. when we went for a well awaited drink, we were tricked by the clear vodka and I think anissa threw up while we were still playing because of it.

BS: Social media has become crucial and I’ve noticed you guys are very interactive with your fans. Is there any chance that you guys are gamers? If so, do you do any online play with fans? What’s your favorite game?

: We arent too into the online gaming we mainly play n64 gameboys etc. Our favorite game is Zelda Ocarina of Time; that is why we all have tattoos of the triforce. We do love to be interactive with our fans and if there was a way to do it through zelda on xbox or something I wouldn’t be able to put the controller down for the life of me. lol

BS: I don’t want to tie you guys up too long, but I do appreciate you doing this for us! Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans, our readers and the general public?

Alexia: Just want to thank our fans for always supporting us and believing in us. Its an honor to know your inspiring young female musicians to strive in the metal scene even though its difficult at times and I hope to see new metal female fronted bands popping up in the near future.

Be prepared as Eyes Set to Kill unveil their “Masks” on September 17th through Century Media!