INTERVIEW: Ben Duerr of Shadow of Intent, Despondent, and In Depths & Tides.

Hello! Today the man of three bands, Ben Duerr, joins us for an interview! New Transcendence: Very wide variety of influences behind you! I think I speak for everyone when I say your heart shows in Primordial Listening to each of the groups you take part in (Despondent, Shadow Of Intent, and In Depths & Tides) there’s a different vocal style for each. What are your inspirations for each group?

Ben: Hey man! I have quite the plethora of influence for each band honestly.
Shadow Of Intent was my first release where I really put my whole heart and
soul into it and tried to out do anything and myself. For that project, my
biggest influences vary depending on each song. Each song has its own style
and feel. For the darker more epic songs, I’d say Dimmu Borgir, Septicflesh,
behemoth and definitely ovid’s withering. For the faster paced and more
intense ones I’d say The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel
and Cattle Decapitation is always the one who reigns supreme. They’re the
#1 influence in anything I do. As for In Depths & Tides new release, I
tried to stray away from trying to fit a mood like I did with SOI. I tried
to showcase my full range and ability as best as I could without really
taking influence from anywhere else. It was a more natural flow of
creativity I think. And for despondent, absolutely Cattle Decapitation haha

New Transcendence: Your vocal talent is never put into question, how long have you been practicing those demon vocals?

Ben: 9 years this summer!

New Transcendence: Quite some time behind the microphone! If you could tour with any band in the world who would you choose?

Ben: I would choose Cannibal Corpse or Cattle Decapitation. Cannibal Corpse made
me a fan of death metal after I finished my black metal binge in middle
school and Cattle Decapitation molded me into the vocalist I am today.

New Transcendence: I can hear the influence behind it in your vocals as well. What can we look forward to in the upcoming Despondent album?

Ben: I honestly haven’t heard too much but everything is going to be natural
this time around. And the songs are better than ever. Its gonna punch you
in the face for sure

New Transcendence: How excited are you to finally get back on stage come April 14th with In Depths & Tides?

Ben: New England Metal Hardcore Festival is going to be the biggest show I’ve
played to date. I’ve never played a main stage event before so I’m pretty
damn excited

New Transcendence: Give them one hell of a show! Care to drop a little hint on any surprises in store for you or your bands?

Ben: Shadow Of Intent music coming at you far sooner than you think. And if you
thought Primordial was good..that was just the tip of the iceberg

New Transcendence: My body is ready! Who would be your most desired vocalist to collaborate with?

Ben: I would LOVE to collaborate with Dickie Allen. We’re both very similar in
terms of technique and ability, and I think it’d be super awesome. But this
is actually happening so be on the lookout

New Transcendence: I’m excited to hear what comes about this. You two would be very dynamic together on a track. You hinted you were working on something destructive with BJ Sampson of Enterprise Earth. Is there anything you’d like to tell us about this collaboration?

Ben: Its just going to be a single song, very heavy and groovy. BJ is a super
nice and awesome dude and a good friend.

New Transcendence: I’m excited to hear the single! How did your journey in music begin? 

Ben: 8 1/2 years ago my friends had a cover band in their basement and none of
them knew how to do vocals. I whisper screamed to slipknot all the time so
I figured i’d give it a shot. I was TERRIBLE. I was embarrassed to do it
and I spent my whole summer vacation at home practicing to a bunch of bands
and in two months time, at the age of 13, I managed to hit the same sound
as Phil Bozeman could and I was shocked. So I gained some confidence and

New Transcendence: We’ve all had some trail and errors and we all started somewhere. What are some errors that shaped who you are now?

Ben: I let a girl get in the way of my dreams when I was about 17. Never again
will that happen

New Transcendence: What is personally your favorite album that feature your vocals?

Ben: Primordial for sure. I can’t even begin to properly express how proud I am
of that album

New Transcendence: As you should be! Out of curiosity, what’s the funniest thing to happen to you?

Ben: Oh jesus haha there’s so many things to choose from. Probably the most
recent thing. I was running some errands for my job and I started to get
some wild stomach cramps and I ran into a Wendy’s to go to the bathroom. I
got stuck with no toilet paper or towels and under the advice of my
friends, used my underwear and socks as toilet paper.

New Transcendence: Excuse me I laughed for a good five minutes, That’s great man! Who’s the one person that inspired you to follow your goals?

Ben: To be honest, Dan Watson. When Infant Annihilator released their album I
talked to dan a bit about himself and his vocals and yadayada and he said
something to me along the lines of “do whatever you want to do, don’t worry
about what people think something looks or sounds like, just do whatever
you want” and I took it seriously and decided that it was time to try and
make something of myself.

New Transcendence: Very wise words! Any tips you’d like to give to new vocalists?

Ben: PRACTICE 3-5 hours DAILY. Try and mimmick easier vocalists and work your
way into the tough stuff once you can 100% do the easy stuff. Mess around
with mouth and jaw formations and tongue placements.

New Transcendence: Anything else you’d like to say to New Transcendence?

Ben: Fucka u whaaare, and fucka u dorpheeeen. No but really thank you for having
me haha

New Transcendence: It’s been an honor having you! Below you’ll find links to each band!

Shadow Of Intent


In Depths & Tides

Shadow of Intent’s “Primordial” is Available Now on iTunes

Despondent’s “Awakening The Elder Gods” is Available Now on iTunes