INTERVIEW: INSVRGENCE Talk Music, Tours and More!

October is a slammed month for exciting new music–but one of the heavy music community’s hidden gems, INSVURGENCE, have an enthralling display of ruthless, dissonant hardcore to hit you with on October 30th–Devil’s Night indeed. Read more about Every Living Creature Dies Alone and their plans for the future below!



Connor Welsh (New Transcendence): First things first, thank you guys so much for sitting down and answering some interview questions! It really is an honor to get to pick your brain(s) on the upcoming album.

Rafe(Guitar): Anytime Connor, thanks for having us on!


CW: First things first, how would you describe your sound in two words to someone who has never heard of you before?

Rafe: “High energy”. We try to bring all of the energy and anger we can muster to our records as well as to our live show.


With your debut full length, The Tower, you guys let loose with an insanely dissonant and chaotic sound. Your upcoming offering, Every Living Creature Dies Alone, seems more focused; what spurred that, and how would you compare the two albums if given the chance?

Rafe: With “Every Living Creature Dies Alone” I wanted to basically amplify every element of the tower. I wanted to make the fast parts faster, the heavy parts heavier, the dissonant sections more dissonant, and the melodic sections darker and more memorable whilst incorporating every one of those elements more seamlessly into each individual song. I would say “Every Living Creature Dies Alone” is a much more dynamic album than “The Tower”.


Which track on ELCDA is your favorite? Which is the most fun to play?

Rafe: I think my favorite track on ELCDA is “Robber Barons”. The lyrical content really hits home with me. I think my favorite track to play is “Mafia Wives”.

James (Vocals): I really dig robber barons. It’s my favorite track because I think from the lyrics to the riffs we are at our rawest, most honest, and least forgiving. My favorite song live has to be treason. The vocal patterns are just fun and mosh hits really hard


If there is one resounding, take-home message you wanted to impart with your music—especially on the upcoming record—what would it be?

James: I want people listening to understand that we are in the fight to survive in this world together, and to abandon apathy and cruelty to pursue real change.


Who are some of your biggest influences as a band? Why?

James: Remembering Never, Poison the Well, The Acacia Strain, Deftones, the Red Chord, Most Precious Blood, and Stray From The Path, to name a few. These bands really enlightened each of us, I one way or the other to do what we do as a band. Sonically these bands paved the way in our genre and I can easily say that without most of them there’s no way we’d be the same band stylistically.


2015 saw you guys on the road with Triumph Over Shipwreck shortly before announcing your return to the studio and the release of ELCDA. What are your plans for the rest of the year? How about 2016?

Rafe: Funny you should say that, because we have a tour coming up this November with Triumph Over Shipwreck and Far From Nothing! We are excited that our first tour on ELCDA is with our best friends. In January we have a tour confirmed, and for the rest of 2016 we have some tours up in the air. We plan on being on the road most of the year on the ELCDA tour cycle though.


If you could tour with any three bands, existing or defunct, who would they be? Do you see yourself actually touring with them in the future (the still-touring ones only, obviously)

James: I would seriously freak out if we ever toured with Remembering Never, The Acacia Strain, or Kublai Khan. RN is a huge influence and have written some of the best heavy records I’ve ever heard in my life. TAS are heaviness perfected. I’ve seen them live several times throughout the years and they are still the pinnacle of mosh metal greatness. Kublai Khan are great friends of ours and are on the come up. Would love to blaze a trail with them and watch them do what they do every night for an extended period of time.


Last but certainly not least, any last words you want your following to read and know leading up to the release of ELCDA?

Rafe: ELCDA comes out Oct.30th via Innerstrength Records. Pre-order bundles for the album will be available via the Innerstrength Website. Thanks to anyone and everyone who has seen us/Booked us/Housed us on the years we have toured on “The Tower”, we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. Can’t wait to open a new chapter with you guys!


Thank you guys so much! I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to answer some questions!