INTERVIEW: Keith Wampler of The Convalescence On New Album & Tour!

The Convalescence has been present in the metal scene since 2011 and has since released 4 full length albums. The Ohio Symphonic Deathcore outfit is currently embarking on their album release tour for “Monument of Misery“. The 4th studio album from the group was released on June 28th, 2019 via Legend Recordings. It’s clear the band has been making moves, The Convalescence just announced another tour to follow after their current album release tour. Personally, I find the band to be quite tasteful in their sound. Compelling lyrics to make you think about the human conditioning. “Monument of Misery” offers heart pounding instrumentals and unique vocalization and patterns. One listen just simply wasn’t enough. Seeing them live with Whitechapel, The Convalescence puts on a fun, heavy show. Not just performing their music but making sure they make the crowd feel as involved as possible. The Ohio natives utilize face paint and outfits to increase their live experience. We got to chat with their vocalist Keith Wampler about their current tour and some of the album processes.


How did The Convalescence come to life originally?

The band was founded in 2011 in Toledo, OH as a side project mainly in order to pay our bills until it became bigger than the projects we were in at the time.

Your new album, “Monument of Misery”, is out now via Legend Recordings. Walk us through the creation process for this record?

We got off tour on Halloween in 2018 and right away started working with our guitarist Toby Wright on Pre Production, Sending tracks back and fourth since we were all over the country and working together as a band on each song, We went to Montreal, QC to work with our long time friend Christian Donaldson at The Grid to track, mix, and master the album.

You guys are currently out on tour! How is that going? Have you made any lasting memories?

Well, Our tour bus engine blew up in the middle of West Texas and with the help of Reign and Uhaul we managed to make it to the show in Austin that night and between riding around in a box truck with our gear and renting vehicles we didn’t miss any of the remaining Texas dates. We now have a new van and a rented trailer and are currently still on our full tour of North America.

What is one band that you played with on a local level that caught your eye?

For sure our friends from Effingham, IL in Grays Divide. Those guys work super hard and are an amazing band and amazing people, Check them out for sure.

What is personally your favorite song of Monument of Misery?

My personal favorite has to be Strip Them Of Faith just because the whole song sounds really evil and I was able to use the biggest range of vocals during that track.

What’s the funniest thing to happen while tracking?

Probably on the last day of vocal tracking, I went down to the diner downstairs from the studio to get breakfast and when I came back they were finishing up the clean vocal parts for One Of The Dead and it straight up sounded like Queen was recording and first hearing the transistion from how brutal the rest of the song was to that was just really funny. I just stood in the doorway kind of shocked at what I was hearing.

We don’t see stage outfits like your guys that often, would you mind explaining how that all started?

We grew up listening to/watching bands like Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, and Iron Maiden. We wanted to be more than just a band playing live, we wanted to put on a show.

What does music mean to you?

Music is our way to release stress, aggression, and anger without doing something more harmful. I don’t know where I would be without music.

Anything you’d like to tell New Transcendence?

Make sure you check out our new album “Monument Of Misery” out now via Legend Recordings!

It was an honor to be able to get a little interview in with them while they’re out on their tour! Below we attached their album, tour dates and bill, and more so you can get familiar with this up and coming group!

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