Interview: Kevin Trevor of As They Burn



BearlySinister:  I’m sitting here with Kevin Trevor, vocalist for As They Burn. How’s it going, man?

Kevin – Hi man, pretty good thank you!

BearlySinister: You and your band just released a music video for “F.R.E.A.K.S.” off of your latest album “Will, Love, Life” which features your label mate Frankie Palmeri of Emmure and Aaron Matts of Betraying the Martyrs. Tell me a little bit about the track and how the collaboration came about.

Kevin – Putting some guests on the record wasn’t initially plan. I had the idea while I was with Aaron from BTM. We were chilling then he heard the track and he really appreciated it, so I naturally asked him if he wanted to feature on it! And to make it bigger and more conceptual I asked Frankie and he was also cool for it.  2 weeks after with the help of the label and managers to set up everything Frankie was on a plane to come over Paris to record and shoot the video for F.R.E.A.K.S before he went on Emmure’s European tour.

BearlySinister: On the subject of the album, tell me how the writing process for “Will, Love, Life” was. Who did you work with and how was your experience with them?
Kevin – We spent a month locked into our studio working on brand new songs for the album. When the writing process was done, we started recording drums, bass, guitars then vocals. It took around three months to record and finish tracking and editing then Jason Suecof (Trivium, Chimaira…) did the mix and Alan Douches (Hatebreed…) work on the mastering.  Work with Jason Suecof was really interesting, he’s very patient and mindful, Bastien spent hours and hours with him on skype and on the phone working together to attain the best possible result. A total of five months working hard, locked all together to create and give life to this new album.

BearlySinister: How did you come about the name As They Burn? Also, what is the meaning behind your album title, “Will, Love, Life”?

Kevin – Literally as They Burn has no real meaning. It’s an abstract sentence who permits everyone to make his own definition. As we are fans of Lamb of God we first thought of that name because of the song called ‘As the Palaces Burn’.

BearlySinister: Aside from As They Burn, have you ever been involved in any other projects; maybe a guest vocal spot or a side project?

Kevin – I used to sing in a Death Metal band before but since I joined As They Burn it became my main project. Besides the band, I just finished University, which I’m also very proud about.

BearlySinister: I’ve seen a lot of bands who really like being on Victory, how has your experience been with the label so far?

Kevin – This is only the beginning of our collaboration but everything is good so far and we’re all happy to being part of this label, they do a great job!

BearlySinister: Touring is a huge part of being in a band, how much touring has ATB seen and what has been your favorite tour?

Kevin – If my memories are good ATB did more than 10 tours in Europe essentially and my favorite tour was with Despised Icon across in 2010.

BearlySinister: On that same note, what bands would you like to see ATB tour with in the future?

Kevin – Korn, Gojira, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Emmure, Cult of Luna, our good friends from Betraying the Martyrs and many more! 

BearlySinister:  Social networking has become a necessity to reach out to and connect with fans, what is your take on using social media? What is the most effective way you use to communicate with your fans?

Kevin -We use Facebook & twitter like everybody now, but we don’t spend hours behind a computer always trying to get more fans, we use the media just when it’s necessary.  For us the best way to connect with fans is to go on tour and meet your fans! Play as many shows as possible, be on stage as many times as we can! See “As They Burn” on stage is the best way to experiment our music.

BearlySinister: Another social question, many bands have also taking to gaming platforms such as Playstation Network and Xbox Live in order to connect with fans. Are you guys gamers? If so, what’s your favorite game and do you play actively with your fans?

Kevin – Hum, in the band we are not “gamers”, we like video games but we don’t spend enough time on it to be able to connect with fans! My favorite video of all the time is “Super Smash Bros” on Nintendo 64!

BearlySinister: Do you have any rituals you like to perform before playing a show or recording?

Kevin – Before playing a show I always stretch, we move a lot on stage this is part of the show! I also do some warm-ups to keep my voice safe especially when we are on tour.

BearlySinister: That about wraps it up, I suppose. I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to answer our questions. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and our readers?

Kevin – Think, learn and express yourself as you want. Find the answers to your questions by yourself, today no one can hide the truth when you really looking for it. Show some respect to all those who want to progress, learn, and live free.

Go pick up your copy of “Will, Love, Life” out on Victory Records now and catch them on tour!