INTERVIEW: Noctem’s Beleth on “The Black Consecration” and Coffee


I recently did a review of Noctem’s newest release, The Black Consecration. I discussed how it was an extreme turn into the black metal realm and it was truly an incredible album to listen to. Over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to interview lead singer Beleth and get his views on religion, coffee, and discuss future plans for the band! It was interesting to read his responses to my (occasionally silly) questions and it was kind of him to take the time and answer the questions.


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. First thing’s first: how are you doing?

Beleth: All fine bro. Here promoting our new album “The Black Consecration”. Thanks for take your time to make this interview.


With the band’s newest release, The Black Consecration, how has the reception been so far?

Beleth: The support of the media and the metalheads are being awesome. People is really enjoying this new album and we can’t ask for more. At this time, we made something new and different for us we took some risks and we invested more time in preproduction and composition and the result was an album more mature and extreme.


How would you say The Black Consecration differs or relates to previous releases?

Beleth: This time we made the album that we wanted to do, it is not a conceptual album but full of occultism, philosophy and deep disappointment, rage and misanthropy. I feel very comfortable with this new direction of the band and we are ready to present it in live.


What was the inspiration to incorporate a more “black metal” sound? Do you believe Noctem has been set up to achieve this sound, or did it come with the band’s growth as musicians?

Beleth: After 5 albums we evolved more as musicians, we have grown, and we wanted to experiment and bring something new and different to what we were doing. It has not been a logical musical evolution for the band, but it has certainly been necessary, risky and decisive. Now the band is a solid project that is showing his entire potential.


What’s your favorite memory from being on tour?

Beleth: After more than 25 tours in Europe, Asia, Russia and Latin America we have a lot of crazy stories and memories, but most are not suitable for all audiences… Hahaha

There are some funny and others not so much…

I remember when we were on tour with Batushka the Nightlinner broke the direction when we were stopped into a gas station at night, if it had broken on the road probably, we could have died… In the end, you learn to see these things with humor. Hehehe I guess the best memories are always great parties that we have with the people after the shows with lots of alcohol, etc.


While on tour, do you bring any good-luck charms with you?

Beleth: Yes, I know it’s strange, but I always have hanging on my belt all tour and festivals passes of recent 10 years, that makes me feel comfortable and sure.


How would you say being in a band has changed your life?

Beleth: Well this is the project of my life. I spent the major part of my time on the band so… I guess this defined my whole life.

By other side to be in Noctem hasn’t made us lose anything important more than health. We have studied careers in the university, we have had more or less stable couples and lives while we toured without stop. So, I would say that nobody has screwed their lives or lost great opportunities. I personally have lost jobs, but I think about it and it was shit jobs, I don’t regret it today and I would do it again tomorrow because my life is being in this band and to be in the road. we don’t do this per money, this is art and people feel it when you do it because you love it.


Do you have any upcoming tours to celebrate the release of The Black Consecration?

Beleth: We have tour plans for February 2020 in Europe and there is like 10 festivals where we will play this year some dates are already announced but other ones we will in January/February 2020. So very soon we will be presenting this new album everywhere.


Explain the artwork behind The Black Consecration. How did the band come up with the idea? Does it symbolically represent the album’s overall aesthetic and theme?

Beleth: The artwork was done by Tiago from Credo Quia Absurdum from Portugal. He is a great artists and designer. We worked together some years ago and he made an excellent job with our designs, so we contacted him again for the artwork. At this time, I just sent him the lyrics and he made all the designs for the artwork. I think this question is better that be replied by him because there is all his madness in a booklet.


Do you have a favorite place to eat while on tour?

Beleth: Actually not. We love to eat the local food and drink local wines of each place where we go… but sadly we are lot of times in fast food places… that’s horrible.


Do you hope to one day tour America? What’s your favorite country that you’ve gotten a chance to play in?

Beleth: Yes, we received two tour offers for 2020 but sadly are in the same period that our tour in Europe. We enjoy almost every place where we go, we find nice things everywhere and enjoy the food the cities and the people. One of the best places was Mexico and Russia.


Who are some of your biggest influences that got you to start singing?

Beleth: I guess it’s the same for all the musicians… when you are young you saw some big bands and you dreamed that can do the same, no? I started listening black metal classics and getting into the scene more and finally you decide to start your own project and work hard for your art.


What is your opinion on religion as a whole?

Beleth: Well it’s a good question, lot of people asked us if we are Satanists or anti-Christians or… We are anti… anti-Christians, anti-Muslim, anti every fucking religions and every fucking shit…

These shits are only sects with the only purpose of making money and controlling the weak-minded who need to hold on to hope.

I don’t give a fuck about all this shit, there is not any purpose in the life, we aren’t here for anything, someday all of us we are going to die.


Final question, what’s your favorite brand of coffee?

Beleth: Weird question… Actually, I don’t like coffee.


Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Beleth: Same there, bro.