INTERVIEW: At the Skylines’ Mark Barela

They’ve been silent for a while now, and many fans have been concerned about the condition and status of At the Skylines, but I recently got the chance to speak to the band’s Mark Barela via email for an interview about the band, their future, their inspiration, and the fun they have. Well, I just wanted to start this out with something that’s been on a lot of unsure fans’ minds: what is the current official status of At the Skylines?

At The Skylines has been on a Hiatus. We will be playing this last show with Confide and moving on. We haven’t decided whether or not to move on with ATS or change the name and go in another direction.

With that out of the way, let’s move on; you guys definitely put together a solid stellar debut album, what inspired the release and helped to make it what it was?

Thank you very much. We found inspiration from numerous entities as well as inspiration from each other. We spent the first 2 years of the band’s start together everyday all day. We had this deep connection and balance between each other. It made the writing process effortless.

What would you say was the main focus of your lyrics throughout the band’s music history?

Positivity. Chris and I (Mark) tried to put our past experience into the mix to give the songs some real emotion from its creators. Chris and I are very spiritual people so we also incorporated little Secrets to life lol lets just call them Hidden Mickeys. haha

What bands would you say inspired your sound?

Our music is very Sporadic. Our manager would tell us our sound was very Bi polar lol. This is because our influences ranged from Jason Mraz to Meshuggah. with a pinch of Linkin Park.

What exactly is ‘At the Skylines’ to each of you and how did it come to be?

ATS is a brotherhood a foundation of unity. 6 gents who just loved playing music and loved each other. We all helped each other out in one way or another. Everyone in ATS was always there for each other in the low times as well as the high times… A little funny for the Cannabis users in the band.

How did it feel getting signed to such a big, respected and well-known label like Roadrunner Records?

It was overwhelming. Like winning the lottery!! It just happened so fast that you really don’t have time to let it soak in. We got signed and our lives just changed. We were so busy writing, touring and shooting music videos. It was this Lucid dream so to speak.

What pushed you guys to record an acoustic EP so shortly after the release of your full-length?

The band wanted to just put out some Sexy sing along songs for the ladies hahaha. Naw, we just did that to branch out. we aren’t the Stereo typical post hardcore band. We never wanted to put put into just one category.

How have you each grown since the band’s birth?

We all got a taste of the real truth behind the band life and the tour life. It made us stronger and it really made us appreciate everything a little bit more. We had it so good compared to other established bands. We always had everything we ever needed. WIth that being said we have grown up.

How did At the Skylines come to be, and how did you come up with the name?

I’m not a founding member but I know that it started with Chris and our first drummer Robby. They got the name from lyrics of a “A Skylit Drive” track. The lyrics were “Meet me At The Skylines.”

Do you guys have any good tour stories or just stories about things that the band has gone through or done?

Tons!! People peeing in the bunks every time they drank. Gumbo vomiting in the van… our first tour we had rave parties in our Bus. we’d be on the freeway dancing, blasting LMFAO with strobe lights. I think our first bass player got a lap dance from some random beezy during these festivities . Hahaha great memories.

What have been, overall, your favorite tours or festivals that you’ve gotten to play at?

SXSW SBSW Texas just brings it. The best tour was with Oh, Sleeper, Greeley Estates, Secrets and Ten After Two. We’d kill to do a Reunion tour with those guys!

Who have been your favorite bands to play with?

Oh, Sleeper, Greeley Estates and Let Live. Best dudes in my book.

Are there any bands or artists each of you would like to tour with in the future?

Linkin Park, Deftones, and Nickleback

What tours or festivals do you hope to be a part of one day?


What is in the future for At the Skylines, yourselves individually or any side-projects you each might be a part of?

That is still undecided, but it will be announced soon 😉

Is there anything any of you would like to announce now for readers and fans to see?

We will be playing with Confide for their Cd release show September 6th at the Observatory in Orange County. you can purchase tickets at

Is there anything you’d like to say to those who know you or look up to you?

Thank you for all of your support! We really owe all of our success to you guys! We are just 6 normal dudes who worked hard and made the band our number one priority. You can do and be anything you want, you just have to want it bad enough. This goes for all things outside of music. Do what makes you happy. Don’t do things just because you think it will make you cool or popular. Do the things you’re passionate about.

Thanks a lot Mark, and thanks to everyone from At the Skylines for really giving us some really great and powerful music; I’m sure I speak for all of your fans when I saw we’ll be looking forward to all of your future projects and will be definitely awaiting your reunion if this truly is the ‘end’ of At the Skylines for the time being. Everyone make sure to check out At the Skylines playing their show with Confide on September 6th, link above! While you’re at it, if you’re not quite acquainted with the band, make sure you give ‘Secrets to Life’ a listen, it’s definitely a top album full of energy, emotion and, overall, talent.

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