Interview with Tim Morris of Rise Above The Anchor


I had a chance to talk to Tim Morris, founder of the music site Rise Above The Anchor. We discussed the origins of the site, professionalism, and inspirations.

Please introduce yourself and what you do?

My name is Tim Morris and I have been running Rise Above The Anchor for the past year. But, I have been in the Music Journalism/Promotions field for over 5 years solid now.

So when did you get the idea for wanting to start a music coverage site? What started you on this path?

Well back in 2005 I started a website for my own personal music. I started writing about local bands on there (Imastain [EDITOR NOTE: no link found]). It wasn’t until 2008 when I met Nick Zimmer who taught me everything I now know to get started with a legit music coverage site. I have always loved so many types of music and it was the perfect fit for me.

What has been your greatest memory so far?

Well that’s a three way tie. Back in March of 2013 I booked my most and last successful show with Rise Records band Evergreen Terrace. One hell of a night with well over 300 people crammed in a small venue. Besides that when I interviewed my long time inspirations and root musicians Dale Crover (Nirvana/The Melvins) and Art Alexakis of Everclear. It was an honor to me to interview both and I had to redo my interview with Art twice cause I was so anxious.

Is there any dream interview that you would kill to make happen?

Dave Grohl and Chumbawamba. A lot of people don’t realize how awesome and political Chumbawamba was, all they mostly remember is the hit song “Tubthumping”. Dave Grohl because its Dave Grohl and my gateway band was and will always be Nirvana.

What band would you say is the most professional band you’ve worked with? And who was the least professional?

I would have to say I have had the privilege of working with a lot of professional bands. I have not had many bad experiences as of yet. To name a few: Evergreen Terrace, Lifecurse, Ommissions and a lot more. To say the least it would have to be interviews gone wrong on site. To name a couple: Dr. Acula and Stick To Your Guns. There is always time when the PR get things mixed up and you’re not on the guest list or no one answers the phone. I had this problem with both. The bands were as nice as could be once I tracked them down and told them what was going on. But it sucks waiting outside a venue and missing the band’s set who you are interviewing.

Is there any label that you want to work with that you haven’t been able to yet?

Not to sound conceited but I have had the privilege of working with most labels that I desire too. I have been doing this awhile, it took some time to make it happen.

What is the inspiration behind the name Rise Above The Anchor?

Well Introduce Yourself Zine just recently disbanded over creative differences and local feuds. I was about to throw in the towel on doing all this and I was cranking “You’re Not Salinger, Get Over It” by The Wonder Years. The song really hit home for me at the time. So I decided to do some things differently and the lyrics “This fucking town is like a ship gone underwater, and we’ll all drown unless we cut ties to the anchor.” inspired the name. Rise above what holds you down, don’t let yourself drown.

What keeps you devoted to this work?

The support from friends and that feeling when your hard work pays off. Plus I like to think I am a genuinely nice guy and love to help those who deserve it and have true talent.

What five bands have you covered that you think deserve to be bigger?

The Further
Us, Ghosts
An Honest Year

What are your five favorite bands?

2.Evergreen Terrace
3.Senses Fail
4.The Wonder Years

What’s your favorite PR to work with? What about your least favorite?

I would have to say my favorite of all time was Jessica Mayhew over at Victory who has now left. Most recently it would be Austin at Secret Service PR and Shauna at Pavement. They all go above and beyond their job duties and some of the most professional people I have worked with. As for least it would be Equal Vision, they are really hard to get a hold of.

Do you have any tips for people who want to get into the business?

Always be honest and be ready to do alot of work with nothing in return. I don’t do this for money at all. It’s funny how many times people ask me how much I make or how much would they get paid. Most of us do this for the love of music and to help bands. It takes a long time to get to the point of making monetary gain doing this. That is not what I am all about.

In closing, anything you want to say to the readers?

Thanks for reading and support your local bands, buy presales, merch and what not. It all starts somewhere, help make it stronger, do not be a part that weighs the society down from going forward. Make sure to check out my homie at New Fury Media and Kill The Music. PS: New Transcendence is doing all the right things, and thank you for supporting them!