Interview: VRSTY Talks “Make It Last” Summer Tour, Upcoming Album, Near Future Plans and Much More

Anyone who has been following New Transcendence for anything over a year, will know that our history with NYC’s VRSTY runs deep. We’ve reviewed nearly everything they’ve released, from their debut EP Lights all the way to their second to latest single, “Neon.” Having never had the chance to see them live, it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss when I found out that they would be coming to Topeka with Denver’s The Anchor. The tour package couldn’t have been more perfect and each band absolutely blew me away, even having seen The Anchor once before (funny enough, at the same venue.) After the show, I had the chance to do a long-awaited, face-to-face interview with my dudes in VRSTY and it was, by far, the most comfortable I’ve ever been doing an interview. We were friends, there were no holds barred and I was able to ask anything that I wanted to. On top of that, the video footage (shot by Christian Lawrence) can be found below and includes an amazing fan interaction that I just couldn’t have edited out. These are the types of things I live for. Some of the topics discussed were as follows: The Anchor’s fans and how they have reacted to VRSTY on the tour, their upcoming album, BLCK (which will see a release sometime in the near future), some near future plans including two new music videos and much more! This interview was a blast and I want to thank Christian, Joey, Javy, Evan and Maliek for allowing it to happen and for being some of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Without further ado, I present to you the interview, in its entirety, below:


Also be sure to check out their new music video for “Neon,” as well as their vertical tour diary video for “Dead Like Me (feat. Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker)

Joey Varela – Vocals
Javy Dorrejo – Bass/Vocals
Evan James – Guitar
Maliek Birkett – Drums