Interview with Magg Dylan

Lyle Rayle: It has been quite a ride this past year. How have you all as a band dealt with the changes in the music industry?    

Suzanne: We feel like we have just rolled with it. We started doing live streams in March as a drive-in show. 

Lyle Rayle: Listening to the words from “Pawns” it certainly seems that you have been reflecting on what we have walked through. Can you dig a little deeper and talk about the songs lyrics and your thoughts?   

Suzanne: It’s about the frustration of the unknown and how it divided people. The bridge is about 2 sides of people not being able to hear each other or communicate because of their own beliefs or opinions. 

Lyle Rayle: Where did you find the location for the video?  

Suzanne: Scott Hansen from Digital Thunderdome found that awesome location. 

Lyle Rayle: The video location at times can really help build on the mood of the words. Who did you work with on the video?   

Suzanne: Digital Thunderdome Studios who have do amazing work. 

Lyle Rayle: Putting together all the elements to create “Pawns” must have given your thoughts a channel to express themselves. Do you as musicians find the music quite often can be used this way? A source or channel to express one’s thoughts?

Suzanne: As so often, in the various genres of music the message can be redundant.     We absolutely use music to channel thoughts and emotions. Being independent artists we write all our music and lyrics ourselves. Our songs are based on life experiences. 

Lyle Rayle: Looking ahead in 2021 what are some of Magg Dylan’s goals musically? Are we looking at more singles, festivals, short tour runs?    

Suzanne: All of that. LOL. We are releasing at least 2 more singles this year. We have a mini-tour in May with Tantric to North Carolina. We have some other stuff planned but nothing we can release yet. 

Lyle Rayle: Suzanne listening now to “Pawns” how do you feel about your thoughts from that day when you were discussing it with Brucifer?  

Suzanne: I am very happy about how we were able, to be honest in our lyrics and the song. 

Lyle Rayle: Brucifer, looking back now, and knowing Suzanne as well as you do, what do you think of “Pawns” and its influences on how Suzanne was viewing things? How do you think the song will influence others?    

Brucifer: We didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of it. There was a lot of debating at the dinner table. That being said, we saw eye to eye in everything on “Pawns”. Hopefully, “Pawns” brings people together and does not drive them apart. We should agree that we all lost and use that to move into the future.