Interview with Singer/Songwriter John Eason

Singer/Songwriter John Eason writes and performs his own breed of American pride for country. Music for him is therapeutic as it is for many people. A gypsy soul and a country heart give him his drive to tell his story through his music.

Charlotte Sans: Where is home?

John Eason – Well I was born in Louisiana, but home for me is really the road, I love being out there playing in new places meeting new people just living a Gypsy Life.

Charlotte Sans: here is a sense of many layers in what you produce. How much of that do you want coming across and how much do you want the audience just to get into what you are playing and dance, have a good time?

John Eason – I try and get a mix of both stuff that you can just dance and sing to, and other stuff that really just hits you right in the heart. Above all else though I want my music to be real and always have a heart and a soul.

Charlotte Sans: As a musician, you have been producing music for a good while, how have times changed for you when you go into write and then take it into the studio?

John Eason – I think mostly it’s how relaxed I feel, we just go in now and let it flow out whereas it used to feel a little forced when I look back at previous work

Charlotte Sans: The single “StandUP” seems to focus on honoring those who serve. Talk to us about it.

John Eason – Well being a Veteran I always wanna honor those who came before me and my brothers and sisters in arms, and I never want to see them or this Country and our Flag disrespected. When we wrote and Recorded Standup we just tried to pour all of that into it.

Charlotte Sans: Is there a single of yours in particular that fans always want to hear played when you do live shows? Are you getting to do any live shows currently?

John Eason – Gun from My Hands gets requested quite a bit from folks who know me and have seen me play but that’s changing as new material gets put out there of course. I am playing out, actually quite a bit in fact, i think on avg 5 shows a week.

Charlotte Sans: Covid certainly has knocked a notch in all our tails, how has the band been coping as you all are used to being out and performing?

John Eason – Yeah it’s been tough but really i just turned the energy to things I could control. Been writing a ton of new stuff, been in the studio and i’ve been working on my musicianship. I really just tried to take it as a time to make myself better and recharge where I could.

Charlotte Sans: What have you learned from these times that you’re using to help create and build your music?

John Eason – Hmm, I think mostly just always be prepared for the worst, and be ready for anything.

Charlotte Sans: As fans follow you, can you give us insight as to what might be next? 

John Eason – Right now the next big thing is the album coming out at the end of the year, just started working on it in the studio at Vibe King with some killer musicians and a great producer. Besides that hopefully just getting out on the road more and meeting new fans and seeing new towns.