KC Rap Prodigy JCO Tackles Solitude with “I Am My Team,” Debut Album REAL. Out August 16th

Depression and a life of solitude go hand-in-hand, especially in the music world. Your favorite artists are human beings, just as you are, and their music is a coping mechanism. Too often do we see people say things like "I'm always here for you," only to find that, when you need those individuals, your cries fall upon deaf ears. Only so much of this can be taken before you take it upon yourself to either A) find a way out of the situation, B) cut those people off or C) completely shut yourself off for anyone. No one should ever have to feel alone.

Today, it is with pride and tears in our eyes that we present to you the music video for KC rap prodigy, JCO's, first official single, "I Am My Team."  The track comes from his upcoming, debut album, Real and the darker nature sees him at his most vulnerable, opening up about his struggles with depression, contemplating why he's still alive and his notice of everyone who has abandoned him. When he says "I Am My Team" he's not saying that he doesn't recognize the people out there who have helped him, supported him and encouraged him. He's speaking, specifically, to the "fake friends" who only want something when he begins to build momentum. The official music video, edited and directed by noted photographer/videographer Colt Coan, explores the track's lyrical depth, in full. We see shots of the rapper in a bathtub, as well as, laid out on the ground to depict how close to the end of the rope he really is.

JCO is more than your average rapper, using his pain as a catalyst for his lyrical prowess. You won't hear him rap about the cliche subjects that plague the genre, rather, you'll get an in-depth look into the struggles he faces, in an effort to help lift the listener up and let them know "if I can do this, anyone can." REAL. will be released on August 16th and you can check out the post below to secure your physical copy and/or shirt (bundle available until 8/9)!

I Am My Team – Single

Shot/Edited by Colt Coan

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