I Killed Everyone – “Necrospire” (2013) [Review]



I Killed Everyone
Pavement Entertainment

Sometimes bands just stay the same – no change, no progression, just the same old thing just being put out year after year, the band expecting people to buy it just because their name is on it. I Killed Everyone is not that band. The band I Killed Everyone have gained some popularity in recent times, picking up a lot of attention in the death metal scene after their release Dead Peasants, but that was nothing compared to what the band had in store – and nobody even expected it.

Dead Peasants was a demolishing and aggressive death metal release, showing everyone just how brutal I Killed Everyone could be – or so I and many others had though. The band is ready to release their next full-length album, Necrospire, but nobody is ready for it. This is not only a step in the right direction, it is a full leap into just what death metal needs to be. This album has everything that a brutal death metal fan could want or ever dream of. It explores all the highs and lows of the genre, and so do the vocals, taking on new life with some amazing reach and range. Not only is this improved, but the instrumentals and the speed of the songs themselves has progressed. Dead Peasants, while it was a good release, seemed really slow and lethargic at times, becoming sort of painful to listen to in some spots, in all honesty, but Necrospire fixed that and even went further than just fixing it – it perfected its sound. This album hits hard and fast, but does take time to slow down in some parts and just show how ferocious and powerful it is.

Everything in this album takes different turns from the previous and just shows you the true potential of the band. This is definitely something new for the band, in my opinion, and is the direction I would hope they plan on going from here on. This release seems to take some notes from bands like Whitechapel, whether it be their current or previous sound, as well as others like The Black Dahlia Murder, King Conquer and Thy Art Is Murder. In fact, this album is fierce competition for Thy Art Is Murder’s Hate, as that album was, as most people believe, one of the biggest and best death metal releases of its release time – and this album takes that statement to heart and challenges it.

Like I said before, this is the perfect representation of what death metal needs to be – of what we should all hope for and expect from the genre. Death metal these days seems to be slowly shifting and changing – evolving into a genre that just gets more brutal and technical by the day, and some bands are around to show that isn’t such a slow change, but one that can be made now – and I Killed Everyone are at the front of the line of talented and impressive death metal acts. If you enjoyed any of their previous releases but, like me, just wanted more then this release is what you want. Necrospire is a perfect death metal release, hands down, and not only do I advise you to listen to it or even buy it, I expect you to do those things. You won’t be disappointed, at all – unless you just simply don’t like good music.

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