LifeOver Records signs Through Her Eyes, new EP, Hymns of the Broken Hearted, releases May 3rd.

The new upcoming label, LifeOver Records, is on a streak with their reveal week. In the last three days they’ve announced three signings. Ladies and gentlemen we present you their new family member, Through Her EyesThrough Her Eyes have an upcoming EP titled Hymns of the Broken Hearted releasing May 3rd and have already started the writing process for their next album. I’ve had the honor to hear the EP and I was not disappointed. A blast in the past with modern elements. I had a moment to speak with Chad Sutliff about the album and he provided NT with this statement:

  Hymns of the Broken Hearted is an album that will bring back memories of old Metalcore roots. Although it may be familiar and conquered before, we still have mastered a craft to make sure it stands out. The EP is us barely scratching the surface of our sound. We believe the EP is a great stepping stone into the music industry. We have provided all of our personal influences into each song and the lyrics really tell of a story and personal feelings. We like to tell stories of personal experiences battling depression and the feeling of being alone. Writing about this is something that our fans will be able to remember and relate too and it’ll make for great memories when they hear and or see us live. Our new material we are writing is a bigger step up and more detailed examples of our abilities as writers and composers. We embark on our first tour called “The Slobberknocker Tour” July 21-31, Sponsored by Coldcock Whiskey. We will be making an official announcement within a couple weeks. We are very honored and pleased to be joining LifeOver Records. This is just the start of THE//16….

Check out the lyric video for “Forever Forgotten”:





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For fans of: For All Those Sleeping, Above The Broken, Call It Home, and Wage War