Local Band Spotlight – Letters To A Friend

    There is a plethora of local bands within the lovely state of Oklahoma. Many of different styles, genres, whatever you’d like to draw attention to. For now, we will be drawing our attention to the band Letters To A Friend. This is a band that is mainly based in Seminole, OK. Letters’ members consist of Brandon Burns on lead guitar/vocals, Jordan Hurley on bass guitar, Tj Miley on rhythm guitar, Jordan Johnson on drums, and Randy Runge on vocals. Together, this creates a band that makes a sound that is its own and stays true to it with a fair consistency. Letters’ sound even takes inspiration from video games and pop culture. Below is an interview held via social media giving answers to some questions that readers and future listeners may want to be in on.

Here is the interview, questions and answers:

NT: How did you form as a group?


LTAF: A lot of us were part of this band that started limiting us majorly, creatively, and the fun was kind of being sucked out of it, so, we decided we would form a new band with more creative freedom and make our main goal friendship and having fun. We’re trying to spread our philosophy  to make new friends as well as new jams.


NT: What were and continue to be your goals as a band?


LTAF: Like I mentioned before, our goals are making friends, new music, and having fun doing it. Our goal at the moment is getting our new members broke in and recording our new album.


NT: What inspired the music you are making?


LTAF: We like to think we have our own sound, but, we have so many influences all across the board it’s hard to name most of them. Our sound is kind of like a refreshing take on the roots of metalcore and post hardcore bands for the golden era of 2003-2010.


NT: Any projects in the works? Shows, Music, Etc.


LTAF: We are currently finishing the writing for our full length album which should be recorded later this year. Thinking April-ish.


NT: Lastly, How do you plan to continue to move onward as a band?


LTAF: We will continue to do our best to stay original and stay true to our core sound while still creating new experiences for our fans and not to mention meeting new people and making more friends and fans along the way.


    You can find Letters To A Friend’s music via YouTube. Letters’ also has a Facebook page. Give them a like and show them some support as they make their way into the industry. Links will be placed below the article. Keep on showing that local support for your scene! You never know who’ll get signed!


Facebook: Homepage

YouTube: “LTAF – New Game+”