Magg Dylan Burns the Metal with Their Latest: “Pawns”

Virginia, USA – The Metal Band, Magg Dylan, have released their next single/video “Pawns” with Eclipse Records (4/9). At times the greatest expression of frustrations bleeds itself over into lyrics, vocals, strings, and a beat. “Pawns” is that collection that rides itself through the metal power of who Magg Dylan is – their music sets a standard. The vocal expression plays a power-hungry performance – together their band sanctifies the simple into the metal foray of unabashed truth. “Pawns” speaks through, so play it loudly.

“It is all or nothing… that is what Magg Dylan brings to the realm of metal- ALL! There isn’t and never has been anything left wanting or desiring when this group comes together to play. Magg Dylan has carved their name into the realm of metal bands. “Pawns” the latest from the slashing vocals and guitars comes the hit to the horns we need to get this world back out on tour and fill our empty cups with explosively well-written and performed music! Let’s kick this into high drive and scorch the ears on the skulls of the metal masses! “Pawns” kicks it right where your bloody metal soul needs it!”- Munich Lars