The End Of The Ocean- In Excelsis-REVIEW


The End Of The Ocean. 


Just the sound of that puts me in a relaxing state. I walked into this EP with a great expectation of musicianship and overall ambiance. I got that, and more. I really really love music that has expressionism in the instruments. Each chord tells a story or an adventure. The End Of The Ocean just released their brand new EP, ” In Excelsis ”  this week.  While it only contains four songs, I find it to be one of the most enjoyable albums I have heard this year.





I really love the effort these guys put forth into making this EP. The production, while not very flashy or top notch, is solid. You can make out every instrument and you can feel the energy. The length of each song varies from 5-7 minutes. Lengthy songs are my thing. I think there shouldn’t be a limit on your passion. While this is a unique sound, you can clearly hear bands like Exlposions in the sky, The Sleep Design and Moving Mountains in each song. As a whole, this album really deserves more publicity and recognition. If you’re looking for a relaxing, feel-good vides, go to their band camp and download it for free!


Favorite Song: “All That Is Will Cease”- 6:15 


Dreamy, atmospheric, logically initiated. Those are the words that come to mind when I listen to this song. It paints me a picture. I see myself walking in a field without a care in world. And while all of the world is crashing down, it will all cease in my eyes and my heart because I’m so fixated on being positive and looking forward. I think too much during this song. It reminds me of what could have been or what may be. I feel very much alive and alert, but in the same sense, very much deep in thought. To put it more clearer, this song is by far one of the best overall acts of musicianship I have ever heard. So much passion and effort went into this. Love it.


Final Thoughts:


Bottom line, if you dig an atmospheric sound and passion, give this band a try! I’m most certainly a fan and I hope you enjoyed this review!



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