People Aren’t Always What They Seem: Versus Me Return with New Single “Left Here”

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“People aren’t always what they seem.” That’s the point that WI-based post-hardcore quintet, Versus Me, is looking to get across with their new music video for “Left Here,” originally premiered via PureGrainAudio. The video shows each member of the band, slowly turning into a monster, further exploring the narrative from their previous single, “Real Life Monsters,” which featured Eric from I Prevail. The song comes at a pivotal point in the band’s career, as it is the first to feature their new line-up (sans-Patrick Thompson) and shows a different side of their talents. Currently consisting of vocalist, James Milbrandt (ex-Serianna), bassist, Lee Milbrandt (ex-Serianna), guitarist, Dustin Hansen (Isles of Aura) and drummer, JJ Johnson (Call Upon the Sovereign)… it’s safe to say that they have solidified their line-up.

Since the news of Thompson’s departure, who was a key songwriter within the band, fans have been clamoring to know how drastically their sound would change. While there are some notable changes, it doesn’t stray too far from what we’ve come to love from these guys. The resulting single features a much more matured, melodic and almost active rock type approach for the band. You can hear the pain in vocalist James Milbrandt’s voice as he sings the words “I don’t wanna be left here alone with a pad and a pen cuz I’ll tell you something. I need to get far from home, cuz there’s too many things that remind me I’m nothing.” It’s a constant reminder that, no matter how far you go in life, there will always be people who will try to sway you and make you believe that you’re headed for your downfall. I’m sure that this song came as the result of the news that Pat wanted to pursue other things. Being that he is also the lead guitarist for Raleigh “sweetcore” band, Alesana, it was always called into question by fans, whether or not he would continue the project. With things on the upswing for the project, it was likely a major surprise to both the band (and upon later announcement) the fans, and called into question their future.

After releasing a couple of new singles, “Real Life Monsters,” and “Snake Cake,” the band crafted a more well-rounded sound that will find their fan base expanding quite a bit. Fans of their older, heavier music can still rejoice, as there are some heavier moments within this track but, for the most part, this is VM taking a big leap into uncharted territory. It’s going to have some scratching their heads, others banging their heads and still more enjoying/singing along to every word. Don’t call it a comeback, call it the start of a new chapter in the short, yet already-impressive career of some incredibly talented individuals. With the addition of JJ Johnson & Dustin Hansen, these guys have some new, experienced blood to add to the fold and they’re ready to prove to the world that they’re not going anywhere. “Left Here” will be released on May 8th, to all major digital outlets and you can expect more to come, much sooner, rather than later.

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Versus Me is:
James Milbrandt – Vocals
Lee Milbrandt – Bass
Dustin Hansen – Guitar
JJ Johnson – Drums

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