Versus Me Release Explosive New Single, “Far Behind”

Do you ever feel like you’re trying your best and it just isn’t enough? No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get ahead or even break even. WI-based post-hardcore band, Versus Me, have been there and they want you to know that it’s going to get better. “Far Behind,” the official lead single from their forthcoming, crowd-funded sophomore album, Continuous, is a groove-driven, bass-heavy and explosive track that answers fans’ calls for heavier material, while subsequently tackling this subject at an expert level. While the band has given us no shortage of new material, this is the first time we’ve heard something on a heavier front and will call out to fans of the more nostalgic sound of metalcore. Vocalist James Milbrandt is at the top of his game with this track and it quickly shows. While he doesn’t show much in terms of his higher register screams, his lower and mid-register screams have definitely shown massive improvements. Are those symphonic elements that take over in the bridge and into the final chorus?  This track is massive, in terms of delivery and is bound to become a fan favorite. Expect to hear many more surprises when Continuous releases on September 13th! Be sure to pre-save the album via Spotify and keep your eyes peeled for more details, including track list and pre-order options! For now, check out the official audio below and be sure to spread the word!

Versus Me are:

James Milbrandt – Vocals
Lee Milbrandt – Bass
Dustin Hansen – Guitar
JJ Johnson – Drums