Review: The Animal In Me – Instincts


Artist: The Animal in Me
Album: Instincts
Rating: 5/5

Every so often, you will find that “diamond in the rough” band. By that, I mean those bands that, if not for certain happenings, you probably never would have discovered them. It just so happens that I was scrolling through my timeline on Facebook when I came across The Animal In Me. How did I do this? Through their phenomenal cover of Miley Cyrus’ hit, “Wrecking Ball”. I was absolutely astonished by what I heard, so I did a little more searching, to see if they had any original material. As it turns out, they had released 2 songs from their upcoming EP “Instincts” that I came across. Each song has a different vibe to it, “I Created A Monster” starts off with an eerie intro, then explodes into a full force monster of a track! The chorus is catchy, the breakdowns are brutal and the intstrumentals progress the song perfectly. Now, the next song, “Smoke and Mirrors” was originally released under their old name “Deadlines & Deadlines” and it follows a bit more simple scheme than its predecessor. Does that mean that it’s boring? Far from it! This band takes something that sounds so simple and turns it into a work of art, worthy of every metalcore fans ears. The rest of the EP is just so unbelievable, you have to hear it with your own ears. I’m not a very big fan of EPs, because of the fact that most, to me, are either too short and leave me wanting more or feel rushed. This is an EP I would be very proud to physically own, given the chance. The closing track, “Walk the Earth” is more electronically oriented and is perfectly suited for it’s position on the EP. It feels like more of a hard rock or nu-metal track, but you can really feel the power behind it.

The bottom line is that, if you’re a fan of fantastic lyrics, catchy melodies and instrumentals that, on the surface, sound pretty simple than you will definitely love The Animal In Me. Go pick up your copy of their “Instincts” EP on iTunes now and discover this diamond in the rough for yourself!

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“Smoke & Mirrors”
“I Created A Monster”