REVIEW: Bleed From Within – “Uprising” (2013)



Artist:  Bleed From Within [Facebook] [Twitter]

Album:  “Uprising”


  1. III
  2. Colony
  3. It Lives In Me
  4. Nothing, No One, Nowhere
  5. Escape Yourself
  6. Strive
  7. I Am Oblivion
  8. Speechless
  9. Our Divide
  10. Uprising
  11. The War Around Us
  12. Leech
  13. Devotion

Scottish metalheads Bleed From Within have hit it big with this one.  Three years after the release of their last record, “Humanity,” these men hit the studio and put together yet another powerful and hard hitting record, known only as “Uprising.”  This record is one sure not to disappoint you, which is obvious straight from the eerie buildup of the intro track, “III.”  Now, without any more introductions, here’s my review of “Uprising”:

The Good:

Right off the bat, I’ve got to say I’m incredibly pleased at the production of this record.  “Humanity,” honestly, didn’t have quite that great production, sounding a bit fuzzy and awkward at many times throughout the entirety of the album, but here we have an example of excellent production in “Uprising.”  This album doesn’t only improve on production, but very much so on the music itself.  Instead of going for straight brutality and speed, this record takes a moment to be clear, well-paced, technical and very precise.  Everything just sounds like it’s right where it’s supposed to be – the drums are packed with energy, the chugs get you moving, the vocals are extremely powerful, the bass is pounding.  Absolutely everything on this record comes together well, and nothing is lost in translation.

The Bad:

This record had a single fault, and that would only be that songs have a habit of sounding similar, “too similar” at times.  That, really, is all that it is, and it doesn’t even take away from the rest of the record.


This is definitely a well pieced together, thought through, written and played album.  It has everything you could want and ask for from a band like Bleed From Within, and it honestly came as such a shock.  After “Humanity,” I didn’t know what to respect.  Maybe it was just the quality and production, or the fact that most of the record sounded like the same song just pieced together differently, but I thought that was it.  Bleed From Within was done, in my head.  Then, “Uprising” shone through and made it evident that these guys aren’t even close to being done – this is only the beginning.

Stand-Out Track:

“I Am Oblivion”:  In the beginning, this song goes soft and sort of creepy, but the buildup beings and we’re met with sweet melodies and guitar playing, until finally it hits and the body of the song takes over, and it’s honestly just a great song.  It ends just as it begins, and wraps itself up, almost like a story.


This is an overall excellent record showing much progression and improvement on a band’s skill and the genre the fall into as a whole.  Other bands should definitely be looking up to these guys, they know what they’re doing.  This album is an example of where to go and what to do when you’re trying to write your second, third, fourth, or whatever album.  Give this album a listen, you’ll have a hard time stopping.  “Uprising” released on March the twenty-fifth through Century Media Records, and is available on the band’s online merch store.  Pick up a copy and support good music!

Rating:  8.9 / 10

For Fans Of:  Blind Witness, Carnifex, Heaven Shall Burn