Review: CHILD on FIRE – As If The Supermoon Wasn’t Enough…



Artist: CHILD on FIRE
Album: As If the Supermoon Wasn’t Enough…
Rating: 10/10

If you haven’t noticed, it’s the least well known bands that seem to turn the most heads. CHILD on Fire has a little under 2k likes on Facebook and very little promotion, but they are doing SPECTACULAR in terms of a good, solid fan base and they hold nothing back in the music they create. I, myself, had never heard of the band prior to them emailing me but once I spun their newest album “As If the Supermoon Wasn’t Enough…” for the first time, I had a whole new love for this band. There is no putting this album into a genre because, simply put, it’s all over the place. I spoke to Ian Arthur a little bit and he said that they are one of those bands that likes to experiment with their sounds, which is very evident throughout this album. You’ve got your metalcore tracks like “Prayer 2.0”, you’ve got more melodic, pop-metal tracks like “The Wayshower” and then you’ve got more hardcore influenced tracks like “Straitjacket” and the genre list just goes on and on. My point being that this band truly knows how to experiment with a sound and make it their own! The album clocks in at just under an hour, making it one of the longer albums in it’s category, but rest assured, not a single track is boring! You’re pulled in, begin banging your head at the opening of “The Wayshower” and brought through a roller coaster of emotions all the way until the end of the 15th and final track “The Sin Crow Nicety Valley Dates Yearn To Wish On” which is an impressive almost 12-minute epic full of surprises! If you’re a fan of ANY rock/metal genre, you will love this album. The vocals are anywhere between having their own sound to drifting into Aiden/AFI territory, ADTR territory and a little in between. To truly experience this album, I recommend cancelling all plans, sitting in your room, headphones on and just relax and take it all in. Seems odd for a metal album, right? Well, the reason I say this is that it’s not only a listening experience, it’s a journey…you can see the songs come to life in your head. You’ll find yourself belting out the lyrics soon enough and you won’t be able to take it off of repeat! If you don’t believe me, go pick up your copy of “As If the Supermoon Wasn’t Enough…” today, clear your head and find out for yourself!

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