REVIEW: The Color Morale “Hold On Pain Ends”


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Melodic and uplifting, The Color Morale have always had a message behind their lyrics that more times than not were made to inspire and help people struggling with life. The new album, Hold On Pain Ends continues that trend. From the anti-suicide anthem Suicide;Stigma to the powerfully uplifting Outer Demons, each track on this album has a personal message behind it. However, lyrics would honestly mean nothing if the instrumentals behind the album weren’t solid. The instrumental work isn’t perfect, and some of it seems really similar to that of Know Hope. It’s not a bad thing to stick with what is comfortable but I can’t help but feel like a little more work could’ve been done on them to give them that extra boost into new territories.

Even with the small gripe I have with the instrumentation, the album is absolutely great. Some of the best work I’ve heard from The Color Morale since their debut album. A strong effort from start to finish, I highly recommend this album if you’re a fan of post-hardcore, or just a fan of rock/metal music in general.