Review: DEAD CROWN – Come Hell

Album: Come Hell

DEAD CROWN – a 4-piece, Portland metal onslaught that is looking to change the face of the game. Comprised of some of the most talented individuals that the area has to offer, these guys are no strangers to hard work and dedication to their craft. Kendall Johns (Vocals, ex-We Rise the Tides), Eric Gemme (Guitar, Paragon), Brent Sheffield (Bass) and Bryton Wilson (Drums, Paragon) come together to create this impressive blend of the nu-metal, death metal, electronic and metalcore genres. The result, thus far? Come Hell, a crushing, six-track EP that is set for release this Friday (April 13th). Taking the time to hone their crafts, build their brand and make a name for themselves, it’s time for them to show the world what Portland has to offer. Vocalist Kendall Johns, for example, showcases his most brutal, explosive mid-to-low range screams to date! This is especially evidenced in the opening track, “Southside” and “Dethrone,” the band’s debut single. Another realm that he explores with this material is “rap screaming.” For those unfamiliar, this is where a vocalist takes a set of lyrics and screams them in a rap-like fashion. Very few clean vocal sections exist on this EP, which is perfectly fine because the intensity within will electrify the listener. What clean vocal sections you will hear are more like shouted/spoken parts (“Southside,” for example, has one of these). The guitar parts on this album might feel boring, at first, because there is a lot of chugging going on. However, the band switches up tempo, builds up to explosive, low-and-slow breakdowns and there are even a few riffs thrown in here and there. To get rid of that boring feeling, turn it up real loud and listen more than once… it will grow on you pretty fast. One of the most notable tracks on the EP is “I Am God,” which closes it out. An eerie melody builds into some faded, almost acapella low-range screams before exploding into full force. In terms of vocal display, I think this track is a great way to showcase just how versatile Kendall is. You’ve got a fairly equal amount of lows, mids and rap screamed parts on this track.

If you like your metal heavy, chuggy and downright devastating… DEAD CROWN is the band for you. You can pick up your copy of Come Hell, digitally or physically, using the links below. In support of the album, the band will embark on the Come Hell Tour with their long-time friends in AVOID (Revival Recordings) starting with their release show at El Corazon in Seattle, WA on 4/13. A free copy of Come Hell will be provided upon admission into each show on the tour, so go watch them tear it up and see why they’ve grown to be a force to be reckoned with in their scene, and soon, the nation.

“The Seven” (Official Music Video)

“Black Sheep” (Official Music Video, NSFW)

“Dethrone” (Official Music Video, NSFW)

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