REVIEW: Exposures – “Chronicles – EP” (2012)


Band:  Exposures [Facebook]

Album:  “Chronicles – EP”


  1. Rain
  2. Isolation
  3. Defiance
  4. Chronicles
  5. Hollow Hearts
  6. They Live

As most of us familiar with the genre have learned, Australia is known for its exemplary hardcore bands, such as the likes of Parkway Drive and In Hearts Wake, but these boys are out to prove that that’s not all they have to offer.  Making their way from Geelong, Exposures are shredding their way through the scene.  Not only do these boys bring some intense, and might I saw “breathtaking” breakdowns, they also give us a very technical side, something they surely intended for us to notice!  These boys are on their way to rise up to the ranks of bands such as Volumes, Northlane and Periphery, but if they continue to show the same promise and skill throughout their career that they make perfectly clear here, in “Chronicles,” then they might even surpass the likes of these big names!  Without further ado, let me give you my review of Exposures’ “Chronicles”:

One’s sense of curiosity and fascination begins to rise, as well as a chill through their spine, as the creeping track “Rain” makes its way through the listener’s ears.  We’re welcomed by the sound of a storm, but begin to, faintly, hear the intriguing guitar work, which this band never holds back on, guiding us deeper into the storm.  This only the beginning, though; only a look through the glass as we’re guided into the adventure that is “Chronicles.”  First of all, this album should be a reference to all up-and-coming progressive metal bands as what a debut release should be.  This band, with tracks such as “Isolation” and “Defiance” bring us exactly what they promise:  technical prowess.  Perfectly executed everything, and I mean everything.  Everything in this album came together well, from stringing together the breakdowns to the melodies, the perfect banging of the drum and the astonishingly skillful guitar playing; this band shows so much talent that, personally, I believe that “underrated” would be an understatement.  Though, not to be wasting time on a single constant sound, these boys seem to be all about variety, in the long run.  “They Live” gives us more of a beat down sound, while still staying true to their technical abilities; this unrelenting song continues to beat the listener, over and over, showing the pure brutality this band holds back at times.  I can’t just mention this band’s instrumental abilities and do them justice, I have to, of course, mention the unarguably devastating aural assault that is Daniel Montagnese’s vocals.  This man not only brings the deep, blasting vocals expected from the progressive genre, but shows off his raw skills with death-defying screams, soaring high through his vocal cords and out into our ears, utterly pleasured by this man’s pure talent.  All of these boys, Daniel, Tristan, Jack and Jordan are legends-to-be, and absolutely must continue this promising and hopeful sound and career they’ve begun, and I wish them the best of luck; luck, being something they don’t need.  They’ve got all the luck and talent they need.

Stand-Out Track:

“Hollow Hearts”:  I name this one as the stand-out track, because…  Well, simply put, this is the track that stands out.  They set aside more of the brutality and let waves upon waves of melodic beauty close in around them; this track blows my mind, because I’ve never expected such powerful melodies from a band synonymous with brutality and technical-instrumental skills.  This song just made me think to myself, “Why haven’t I listened to these guys before?”  Honestly, because I’ve made myself become well aware of the metal / hardcore scene in Australia, becoming familiar with more of the stand-out, and even not-so-stand out bands that bring all they’ve got to the table, but with “Hollow Hearts,” these guys rip the scene apart.  It’s as if they began with wanting to step away from the expected hardcore sound of Australia, then came right back just to show them they can top them – easily.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the technical sound this release makes itself known for, and the blaring and frightening brutality it presents to the listener, and this track does have all of that, but this track hits me hard, and that’s all thanks to its melodic power.  This track is what lets me know this band has a future, and a bright one at that, no matter what direction tomorrow takes them in.


Exposures presents us with a sound that most of us are familiar with, then fine tunes it to be even better than it already is.  Not only have they mastered the technical and brutal sound they promise to deliver, but they put it together to create a sound that is becoming one all their own, and that’s hard to say about a lot of bands, especially ones that have only recently formed – such as Exposures.  They keep it fresh, not just sticking to a single sound forever, and that just excels these boys even further!  Get ready people, and expect to see this band take over.  “Chronicles” released on July 30th, 2012 and is available through the band’s bigcartel, which is easily accessible through the store tab on their Facebook page.  Make sure you pick this EP up, it’ll be one you’re guaranteed not to regret.

Rating:  5/5