Review: Into the Flood – Vices


Artist: Into the Flood
Album: Vices
Rating: 9.5/10


Seattle, WA’s Into the Flood has been described as the “angriest Christian band ever”, which might be true, but for those who take the time to appreciate and understand the music, you will know that there’s more than anger behind that sound. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover and that is especially true for metal bands. The anger that most hear is fueled by heartfelt lyrics that can only be conveyed in this way. With their debut Century Media album “Vices”, Into the Flood has taken that aggressive sound and molded into something that they can truly be proud of! The flood gates have opened and once the intro, also titled “Vices”, ends, and the aptly named track “The Destroyer” starts, you are immediately grasped and find yourself headbanging to a torrential downpour of blastbeats, breakdowns, powerful vocals and incredible guitar work! Throughout the album, it gets heavier and more devastating as the lyrics get more powerful. Take “David Scheinost” for example, is a track about a close friend who died in a diving accident but that, through the grace of God, the family will get through it and his memory will forever live on. The video for the single, recently released, is incredibly breathtaking and you’d have to see it to believe it. The album gets heavier in meaning as it goes along with tracks like “Crown of Thorns”, “Faitheater” and “Eye For An Eye” before it comes to a close with easily one of the heaviest tracks on the album “By Way of the Snake” which is a track about a relationship falling apart. “You’re the illustrious demon that lulls me to sleep. Now leave me by the way of the snake; on your belly. And if you ever come back, crawl, but good luck trying to reach me atop this monument I’ve constructed of forget me nots and shredded love notes” Incredibly moving and powerful lyrics.

Final Thoughts:
While this review is short and sweet, I believe that you will agree that it gets to my point. What point, you might ask? The point that this album takes aggression with meaning to a whole new level. Into the Flood are going to be making a name for themselves even further with the release of “Vices” next Tuesday, June 11th on Century Media and I hope you will be along for the ride! Below I’ve added some links for the video to “David Scheinost”, pre-order packages and ITF and Century Media on Facebook.

Into the Flood on Facebook

“David Scheinost” Music Video

“Vices” Pre-Order

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