REVIEW: Genocide of Prescription – Genesis [2013]


Band: Genocide of Prescription

Album: Genesis


What would happen if the beastly instrumental onslaught of Infant Annihilator would mate with the murdering technicality of Beneath the Massacre? What sick and twisted mind would even attempt to create something like that in the first place? The answer to that is simple when you think about it: Russians of course! Saint-Petersburg based band Genocide of Prescription is a favorite amongst the fans of the better technical deathcore albums for their 2009 debut EP Corporal Violence, no surprise considering they have members from My Autumn and Taking Your Last Chance amongst their ranks. However that EP will seem like a minor stepping stone once you hear the new full length Genesis. Your are NOT prepared for what is about to come next, make sure you have a medical team with the proper equipment ready before you venture further into this heart-stopping experience.

When the title track starts to pick up you will soon notice the massively improved production and a more unforgiving sound than ever before, on your first listen you will definitely get the sensation of having your asshole cleaned with a boxcutter. Not only the punishing instrumentals but also the vastly improved vocals will overwhelm the listener. The vocal style went from mumbling growls and squeals to a far superior deathcore approach; malignant death growls and caustic vocal attacks of pure hatred tower above the technical slaughter of instruments instead of remaining stagnant in the background, giving the whole thing a much needed fresh boost of brutality. The main attraction are still the instruments however, and luckily they have also improved immensely with Genesis. There is just so much fucking incomprehensible shit attacking you at once; the chaotic yet highly precise strikes on the guitars combined with the cyborg drumming can only be compared to a huge thunderstorm that has millions of discharges per second, but instead of following the laws of nature it only strikes strategic weak points for maximum destruction. The instrumental skill of Genesis is truly the definition of volatile precision executed in its finest form. From the get-go the brutal atmosphere will only get progressively thicker with each song, until the listener reaches his breaking point, a person can only take so much punishment from the constant attacks before his spine is finally ripped out through his throat. Fortunately for you the good people of Genocide of Prescription are not entirely without mercy, the album interlude Pacification provides you with a brief and relatively peaceful performance of melodic guitars, I suggest you take this moment to catch a bit of your breath (if you still have the ability to breathe). The second half of Genesis is as unforgiving as the first, with more otherworldly guitar sweeps and unexpected breakdowns to add to the musical overkill. At the end of it all your mind and body will be paralyzed if not completely obliterated from all the crushing technicality you had to endure. By the time the listener regains consciousness another replay is sure to follow because no matter how many time you listen to Genesis the HOLY-FUCKING-SHIT factor is always present, the multiple layers will keep this release from ever getting boring or repetitive.

Genesis honestly is the first technical deathcore release of the year that has this level of commitment and quality, something tells me that it’s not going to be topped anytime soon either. Maybe it is a coincidence or maybe not but the title Genesis couldn’t be more suitable in this case, Genocide of Prescription have reinvented their sound and improved it to such an inhuman level that this first full length release should be considered the real birth of the band, absolutely stellar levels of rage and skill turn this beast into a skyscraping titan that should not be underestimated or missed by anyone.

Rating: 9.6/10

For fans of: Beneath the Massacre, Infant Annihilator, Thy Devourer, Rings of Saturn, Dysphoria