Review: Guillotines Doesn’t Hold Back with Debut EP, “The Killing Season”

Artist: Guillotines
Album: The Killing Season


I. Song of Guillotines
II. Comin’ For You
III. Chop Shop
IV. Step On Scene
V. Make BeLIEve
VI. Supreme
VII. Rawfare (All’s Fair)


The best things really do come to those who wait. A little over a year ago, former Exotype members Rob Walden, Gabriel Montalvo and Michael Levine announced that they were forming a new project. Little was known about the project except that it was going to be incredibly heavy and that it would mix rap and metal in a way that we’ve yet to hear. Over the course of the months to follow, we would get a series of teasers, almost exclusively showcasing vocalist Furius Supreme’s insane skills. Christmas day 2018, We would finally get the announcement that Guillotines had signed to Stay Sick Recordings and would be dropping their debut single, “Song of Guillotines,” in under two weeks.


Once “Song of Guillotines” was dropped, it was clear that these guys weren’t messing around. They grind so hard behind the scenes, creating a team that would get things done and propel them to the top, where it’s clear they belong. To an average listener, the song may just sound like noise and that’s because they use deathcore instrumentation and mix it with hip hop beats and lyricism. The track may come off as a bit cocky, even arrogant, but that’s okay. If you take the time to appreciate how well they’ve meshed two genres that have NO BUSINESS together into something that, not only is listenable, but creates a soundscape unlike anything out there, you’ll realize that they have every right to be. The atmosphere on these tracks is one of anger, power and pure chaos and the delivery is as ostentatious as the sound. No frills, no fancy effects, just an onslaught of gritty, devastating and explosive music at every turn.


Each track on The Killing Season is different from the last. While some are heavier and feature a more deathcore style, there are others that take it back to old school hip-hop and nu-metal territory. Supreme lives up to his name by showing off that he’s multi-talented, singing, screaming and rapping. While his raps are the most impressive, his high and low range of screams/growls is also worth paying attention to.


The Killing Season is a testament to just what can happen when you take the time to build things behind the scenes. Sharpen your craft to a fine point and bring your “A Game” with you with every note. Could we be seeing the rise of a nu-metal revolution? Will the next release see even more experimentation? Regardless, do yourselves a favor and pick up The Killing Season, out tomorrow on Stay Sick Recordings!

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