REVIEW: I Am Hated – Delusions [2013]


Band: I Am Hated

Album: Delusions


One can never have too much beatdown hardcore, I need the raw guitar riffs and murderous grooves like a car needs gasoline, it’s the dynamic force that gets me off my ass. Listen to the debut EP from Daytona beatdown band I Am Hated and you will get what I’m saying, the animosity and ferociousness present on Delusions will wake you up faster than coffee or energy drinks ever could. The heaviness/bass drops/tempo ratios are simply delicious, as will soon become apparent with the first song Fears. The slamming breakdowns here will make short work of your stable state of mind and will drag you into a adrenaline, rage fueled maelstrom. Delusions is more than just a bunch of down-tempo breaks and drops however, after a short, bouncy slaughterfest on the title track (that features guest vocals from Hunter Young of Silence), We get to the song that shows the most potential that I Am Hated has to offer. The tempo of the drumming that can be heard here is just SO-FUCKING-RIDICULOUS, not to mention the frenzied guitar shredding. Clearly the other two songs served as a warm up as Fool(s) will be the song that motivates you to utterly destroy your surroundings and fuck people up with a rusty chainsaw, play this anywhere and see mosh pits spawn before your eyes. The following Infamy focuses on atmosphere, chilling guitar tones have been proven to work with this kind of music and of course this is also the case here, with some more guest vocals and probably the angriest lyrics on the whole EP to add to this ambience it does an excellent job in making you see red with rage (if you weren’t already).

Angry and heavy: my two favorite things are plentifully present on Delusions, while it is a short ride (just below ten minutes), the sheer aggression and energy combined with the heavy atmosphere more than make up for that, as you will feel compelled to replay this one over and over until the desirable amounts of bitterness and animosity are coursing through your veins. Delusions is the perfect demonstration of the band’s musical prowess and their ability to keep you on your edge with the constant musical assaults being launched at you. Go check out Delusions and instantly fall in love with the multi-layered display of pure hatred and spite that very few bands have been able to master to this extent.

Rating: 9/10

For fans of: Immoralist, Silence, Black Tongue, The Last Ten Seconds of Life