Review: Keeping Secrets – Press On



Artist: Keeping Secrets
Album: Press On
Rating: 10/10

Keeping Secrets are quickly gaining legend status in their hometown of Seattle, WA. With a full-length album and 2 EPs under their belt, they know what to do to please their fans, while also keeping them on their toes. The band has never been one to stick with the same sound from album to album and their new EP, “Press On”, is no exception. The band released the video for the title track and it instantly received high marks among fans and critics alike. But if you thought that was the best this album has to offer, think again! While “Press On” is an alluring, beautiful and melodic journey through the psyche, they’ve only just begun to amaze. Each and every track has a message and a purpose, as well as, a special place on the EP. This EP sees the guys in KS stepping out of their comfort zones and delivering something that only they could pull off with their unique sound. Let’s talk about their sequel to a fan favorite in “Closure Pt. II”, though. It takes a lot to pull off a sequel of a song and there are a lot of challenges that come with this feat. Do they continue where the first left off? Do they create another chapter in the story? Do they bring back certain parts of the original, so as to bring it together better? Whatever the challenges these guys faced, even with those odds being stacked against them, they knocked it out of the park! Listening to both parts back to back, it’s like a whole new sensation. I will use one of my favorite two part songs in “I Won’t See You Tonight” as an example. The first part is melodic, slow and beautiful, while the 2nd part is powerful & devastating and creates a whole new sense of feeling with the listener. “Closure” and “Closure Pt. II” could very easily have been on the same record, but I think it fits better on this EP. The album doesn’t let up or cease to amaze throughout the sonic journey you’re taken through all the way to the end. This is an EP that was masterfully, tastefully and professionally done in such a way that it stacks up in comparison with many of the greater albums in the genre. Don’t just take my word for it, though! Check out the title track below and use the link to purchase your copy of “Press On” on iTunes and let KS take you on a journey you won’t soon forget!

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